How To See The Best Of Capri In One Day

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So, you’re visiting Capri and wondering how many fun things you can pack into one day? Here’s a perfect itinerary to guide you on how you could see Capri in one day.

Capri is a tiny paradisaical island located in the Bay of Naples, Italy. This island is known for it’s stunning natural wonders, breath taking views, gardens, beaches, hiking trails and the sweet limoncello. If you are wondering whether one day is enough for Capri, the answer is – Yes. It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to see the Blue Grotto and do an island tour covering all the main attractions, then yes, one day in Capri is enough. Of-course, you could choose to stay longer for a relaxed vacation and to explore this picturesque island more.  Trust us, this island deserves more of your time!

Scroll down for your perfect Capri in one day itinerary and some more general information including how to reach Capri and where to stay in case you are planning to spend more than one day in Capri.

How To Reach Capri

Capri can be reached through a helicopter or ferry ride. You cannot go road tripping to Capri, as bringing your own vehicles is prohibited on the island. The best of the either is the ferry ride, you could soak in some of the best coastal views from the water. The helicopter ride is a much quicker and scenic way to get to the island, but it’s on a much expensive side.

The ferries for reaching Capri depart from the ports of Naples and Sorrento. So, you would first need to reach Naples or Sorrento to be able to reach the Capri island.

From Sorrento, the journey of the ferry ride to Capri is for 30 minutes approximately while from Naples it might take up to 50 minutes to reach Capri. You can check out the departure schedules here.

How To See Capri In One Day

Take A Ferry Ride To Capri

Start your day as early as possible to reach the ferry port and embark on the journey to Capri island. Make sure you have booked your tickets for the ferry ride at least a day before the trip. Alternatively you could also book a round trip on mini cruise from Sorrento to reach Capri.

Go On A Boat Tour Around The Island And See The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzura)

Blue Grotto Entrance - Capri In One Day Itinerary
Blue Grotto Entrance – Capri In One Day Itinerary

A boat tour around the marvelous coastline is definitely the first thing you should be going for in Capri. The boat tours depart every half an hour from Marina Grande. Brace yourself to discover Capri’s most treasured natural wonders including La Grotta Verde (The Green Cave), La Grotta Azzurra (The Blue Grotto), La Grotta Bianca (The White Cave), I Faraglioni, and Arco Naturale (The Natural Arch). These are Capri’s most famous attractions and are best explored through boat rides.

Faraglioni Rock Formations - Capri In One Day Itinerary
Faraglioni Rock Formations – Capri In One Day Itinerary

The price of the boat tours starts from 18 Euros per person and may vary depending on the peak times. Click here to book your tickets for the boat tour of Capri Island now.

If you are looking for a private boat tour to avoid the crowded boats, you could easily book one here.

Visit Anacapri

View From Anacapri
View From Anacapri – Capri in One Day Itinerary

Next up, you should be venturing to the charming Anacapri, a small town located at a higher elevation than Capri. To reach up to Anacapri, take a bus or a cab from the Port of Capri. It would take up to 15 minutes to reach Anacapri by road. There are several hike trails and stunning viewpoints from where you can see some amazing panoramas of the island. Also take some time to explore the narrow curvy lanes, stores and click-worthy buildings of Anacapri.

Enjoy a hearty lunch at one of the restaurants in Anacapri, while soaking in some gorgeous views of the island.

Explore Villa San Michelle

The Villa San Michelle is the most famous attraction in Anacapri. It was home to Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe. The villa is a very stunning property. It is well furnished and has a lot of traditional and antique artworks. The garden of the villa has been titled as one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy. It’s beauty is something that you have to see for yourself. Also do not miss out the amazing viewpoints of the coastline island from the garden.

The entrance fees of the Villa San Michelle is Euros 8.

Take a Chair Lift to Monte Solaro

Chairlift To Monte Solaro - Capri In One Day Itinerary
Chairlift To Monte Solaro – Capri In One Day Itinerary

Taking the chair lift to Monte Solaro is the most amazing way to soak in the breath taking views of Capri’s coastline and the island itself. While being seated on a chair, you would be riding to the top of the highest peak on Capri, the Mount Solaro. Each chair holds a single rider. Take the ride back down to save some time for the next activity. Go for the chairlift if you are not scared of heights.

The price of one way ticket is 8 euros while for round trip it’s 11 euros.

Visit The Gardens Of Augustus

via krupp
Via Krupp Trail – Capri in One Day Itinerary

Take the bus back to the Capri town and head to the Gardens of Augustus. The gardens include some extremely picturesque viewpoints of the Faraglioni Rocks and Marina Piccola Bay. You would find pretty walkways and collections of flowerbeds with the backdrop of sea view. Also you would get to see the zig zag trail called the Via Krupp from the gardens.

The entry fee to the gardens is 1 Euro per person.

Explore Capri

The most popular and lively spot in Capri is the La Piazzetta. If you don’t mind the crowds, you should go to the Piazzeta, enjoy a drink at one of the local cafes with their signature dishes. Try out torta caprese – a flour-less cake made of chocolate and almonds. Do try the world famous Limoncello, a delicious local drink made of lemons. Almost all the cafes offer sea views, so you could just take your time and relax before you descend to Marina Grande for your ferry back.

Click here to book an easy full day tour of Capri from Naples. It’s inclusive of hotel transfers, hydrofoil transportation, visit to all the attractions (Anacapri too) and a local lunch. This would be a great way to see Capri in one day.

Where To Stay In Capri

If you decide to stay longer in Capri, which we would recommend to, there are many great accommodations surrounded with picturesque views. Here are our favorites;

Hotel Della Piccola Marina : This hotel is centrally located on the Capri island. It offers breath taking views of the sea, swimming pool too facing the sea and very pretty rooms. It is just a 10 minute walk from the Piazzeta. You can never go wrong with Hotel Della Piccola Marina. Click here to book this hotel or to check it’s availability.

Hotel San Michelle : If you are looking for hotel in Anacapri, which is more close to all the best attractions and offers amazing views of the island, then you should go for Hotel San Michelle. This hotel offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Bay of Naples. It also boosts a very beautiful pool side dining terrace. The interiors and rooms are boutique styled with comforting and stunning views. Click here to book this hotel or to check it’s availability.

So, here you have your itinerary to see Capri in one day. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Capri island to the fullest and we are sure you would be making some great memories out there. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, be sure that you visit these stunningly beautiful cities the country is blessed with.

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