11 Tips To Saving Money When Traveling In Europe

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Without a doubt, Europe is an amazing travel destination. Around every street corner, travelers can find award-winning food, dangerously good beer and wine, and beautiful buildings dripping with history. Unfortunately, Europe is also known for being a more expensive travel destination. By following these eleven tips, you can travel longer, adventure smarter, and explore more while saving money in Europe.

Saving Money In Europe

1. Find Free Accommodation By House Sitting :

As a house sitter, you live in someone else’s home while they are away traveling. You take care of their property and pets in exchange for a free place to stay. You don’t get paid as a house sitter, but you can save tons of money on accommodations, especially in more expensive countries. House sitting opportunities exist all over the world, but they are especially popular in Europe. Read more about how to save money by house sitting here!.

2. Use Omio (formerly GoEuro) To Find The Least Expensive Transportation Options :

When it’s time to travel to a new city, use Omio (formerly known as GoEuro to compare prices on different modes of transportation. Omio will compare train, bus, and flight tickets to show you the cheapest and fastest ways to get from city to city. The least expensive route might surprise you.

3. If Traveling By Train, Use Eurostar Snap and IZY Tickets :

Eurostar Snap train tickets can be used for travel between London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels (four cities you should definitely check out on your Europe trip!). Pick the date you want to travel and select an “evening” or “morning” ticket. 48 hours before your journey, Eurostar snap will assign you to a specific train based on availability. Since you don’t get to pick your exact train, Eurostar Snap tickets are much cheaper than regular train tickets.
IZY has a special price on train tickets between Paris and Brussels. IZY tickets are easy on the budget with standard tickets starting at 19 euros each way. Traveling by trains is one of the best budget travel hacks which can help you in saving money in Europe.

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4. Take BlaBlaCar To Get From City To City :

BlaBlaCar is like Airbnb, but for car sharing. Use BlaBlaCar to find drivers going your route and book a seat in their car. Since you get picked up and dropped off at your exact location, this can work out to be much cheaper than using public transportation. You can read driver reviews on the BlaBlaCar website and book more than one seat if you’re traveling with a friend.

5. Travel With Only A Carry-On Bag :

Traveling light is more convenient for you and big money saver in Europe. Even if you manage to find awesome flight deals on budget airlines, baggage fees can take quickly undo those savings.
By traveling with a carry-on bag, you can save money and save yourself the hassle of lugging your belongings all over a foreign city. Trust me, there’s nothing fun about chasing down a bus while lugging two rolling suitcases over cobbled streets because you overslept.

6. Travel During The Winter Season :

I know traveling during winter might hinder your plans to take long romantic walks along the Seine and down pints of Kolsh at an outdoor German Biergarten, but winter in Europe still pretty amazing! European cities go all out for the holidays and offer an endless array of winter activities. Better yet, a lot of these winter and holiday activities are totally free.
You can explore Christmas markets and watch holiday parades without spending a single Euro. Some cities even have free winter concerts and late night museum openings through the winter months.

Saving Money In Europe

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7. Take Free Walking Tours :

Tour companies like Sandemans Europe offer free walking tours of several European cities. These tours are free to take and your only expense is a tip of your choosing for the guide at the end.
Free walking tours are also a great way to make friends if you’re traveling solo. After almost every walking tour I’ve taken, a group of us decided to meet up later and do other activities together.

8. Eat At Home When Possible :

You’d be amazed how much you can save eating even one meal at home per day. Eating out no matter where you are in the world can blow through your budget fast. Europe is no exception.
Buy a bag of oatmeal, some instant coffee, and some fruit at the grocery store at the beginning of your trip. Commit to eating at least one meal at home while on the road and you’ll save your money for more important things like all that delicious French wine.

9. Stock up on snacks and souvenirs at the local grocery stores :

I know you’re going to want to try every thing in that corner bakery, but you can find equally good treats at your local grocery store for a fraction of the cost. Stock up on a few high energy snack foods and treats to take with you when you leave for the day. This way you won’t be tempted to duck into every enticing snack shop you pass.
You can also buy gifts for people back home in the grocery store. Local beauty products, chocolates and candies, or spices make great gifts for friends and family. 

10. Take advantage of free museums and special museum free days :

Most museums in major European cities have free days every month. If you’re a big museum nerd like me, you can plan your trip around these free days to save tons of money. The Louvre, for example, is free to the public on the first Sunday of every month.
In other places like London, you can find a long list of museums that are free all day every day. Checking out these museums is an awesome way to explore the history, art, and culture of the place you’re visiting without spending any money.

11. Explore Eastern Europe :

Cities in eastern Europe are generally less expensive than cities in western Europe. Accommodation, transportation, eating out, and nightlife all come in at a fraction of the cost. Spend some time exploring cultural hubs like Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary.
Countries like Malta, Montenegro, and Estonia are up-and-coming destinations, known for their fascinating history, natural beauty and welcoming people. Not only you will explore places that have less tourists, but you’ll save money doing it!

Saving Money In Europe

Final Thoughts :

Your next trip to Europe doesn’t have to break the bank! It’s possible to have a fulfilling, delicious, memorable trip while still rocking a healthy budget. What are your favorite budget- friendly tips for European vacations?

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