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11 Essentials For Long Flight Journeys That You Should Not Forget

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Traveling on a long-haul flight for an upcoming trip? Here’s a list of useful tips and essentials for long flight journeys that will make traveling stress free for you.

Long hour flight travels can be really exciting for some but can gradually turn into painful experiences, if you are not ready for spending all that time in an iron tube in the middle of the air along with a bunch of other people. Deciding what to carry in the luggage and what to carry in your handbag can be a mind-boggling task as well. Worry no more, because here I have cultivated a list of all the essentials for long flight journeys that you may require. Once checked out all these needful handy, you would be ready to fly.

essentials for long flight

Essentials For Long Flight Journeys


1. Phone Charger / Portable Charger

In all the struggle of packing things together for the flight, we tend to forget the basics. And having them sometimes proves to be a life-saver. Phone chargers and Portable Chargers could prove to be just that. Do not forget to have a portable charger with different kinds of portals in it. Rather having a powerful one with a large amount of battery storage would be great. You can plug in your phone or tablets anytime if they betray you on a long flight.

The one from QTshine is my favorite pick when it comes to an efficient portable charger. Not only does it charge my phone at a superfast speed, it can simultaneously charge upto two devices.

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2. Downloadable Entertainment / Kindle

Amidst all the excitement of reaching your destination, one tends to forget the long-long time they have to spend on the flight. Time seems to pass slowly when there is nothing to do or nothing to binge on. A simple solution to this problem is to carry your entertainment package with you. The list may vary from person to person; however, you can’t deny that having something by your side would be a great idea even if you have a travel buddy with you.

If you are an avid reader or simply admire glazed pages then you must have your favorite novel, a kindle or a few magazines at your disposal. On the other hand, if you are binging on a show or want to re-run a sitcom then long flights are perfect for you. Make sure that they are all downloaded because you may or may not get connectivity on the plane.

3. Noise Canceling Earbuds

When you are binging on some melodious music you make your world and love to stay in it. But you might not want to share this world with your fellow passengers on the flight. Hence, earbuds are a must, whether they are wired or connected via Bluetooth. On the other hand, you might not want to get disturbed by engine noises, crying babies and air-staff services at the same time. Hence, if you can have some noise cancellation earbuds you can be in paradise. In that case, you can have a mental DND sign and be peaceful about it.

High quality earbuds can be a bliss for you throughout the traveling time of your long haul flight. This makes it one the top essentials for long flight journeys. The Sony earbuds are an excellent choice for noise canceling earbuds. Its compact size makes it very stable while delivering amazing sound quality and solid voice calling capabilities. It does check all the boxes for perfect noise canceling earbuds that you will ever need.

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4. Neck Pillow

Having a cramped neck after a journey has been a staple for many people. You can get one even at home. But if you are in a steel haul in the middle of the air and your neck is not comfortable for hours then it would be devastating. This kind of experience cannot be altered by any airline. Though with a little precaution and care you can choose a neck pillow or a head pillow for yourself, the one that suits “your” comfort measures. Take one on a flight and you would never regret this decision.

My favorite travel pillow that I just can’t recommend enough is from Dot&Dot. Easy to pack and very much lightweight, this memory foam pillow is a must have essential for long flight journeys. It is adjustable and versatile which makes it very effective in providing maximum support to your neck, shoulder, back or cervical spine.

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5. Eye Masks

How can you sleep anywhere with glaring lights on top of your head? This question might not haunt you while preparing for the flight but it may haunt you when you want to take a little nap on the flight and the emergency lights could not make your surroundings dark enough to go to sleep. You can have your zombie eyes open while craving for sleep OR you can have your little eyes masks on and take a nap whenever you like.

We are not habitual of eye masks but trust me they will be helpful when you would need them. There are many comfortable masks available in the market, you can choose the one you like but make sure you add one to your list of essentials for long flight journeys.

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6. Travel Blanket / Shawls

If you have experienced the office air-conditioner which can never give the right temperature then you might be prepared for the taste of similar experience in the aircraft as well. They have an assigned temperature to maintain in the craft. But either it can be too hot or too cold for you. It is better to have a small blanket, shawl or scarves with you all the time to make sure that you don’t get affected by the temperatures no matter what they set.

Looking for a great travel blanket? Do check out the one from Happyluxe below. It is incredibly soft, cozy, versatile and comes with UPF 50+ sun protection. Plus it also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Promise, which means if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it without any inconvenience.

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Self Care

7. Wipes

A small pack of wipes always comes in handy during a long hour flight. It might seem unnecessary. But few of the disinfecting wipes or baby wipes would always assist you. When your fingers are sticky after having some airplane meal or snacks or maybe there is no soap in the restroom or you want to simply wipe out that public used toilet seats for hygiene purposes, disinfectant wet wipes would come to your rescue.

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8. Skincare Essentials

It’s the 21st century, and skincare has become a small part of self-love. In that case, why would you miss some self-love while you are on a flight? Therefore, your skincare or self-care essential goodies are a must. This may include a good moisturizer, a lotion, hand cream, chapstick etc. The list may go on and on depending upon your dermatological suggestions and your skin type. But be reminded to pack everything required because the skin might also want to relax at higher altitudes.

9. Sanitiser

The pandemic has changed the world and has increased the usage of sanitiser by many folds. But it was always one of the top essentials for long flight journeys. Even though the flight staff cleanses the insides of the aircraft as much as possible. However, there is not much time between landing and the next take-off. So, you might want to take care of your hygiene and be self-responsible for your cleanliness.

10. Cologne

A perfume or a deodorant is a must for many people in regular life and if you are thinking of ditching it during your flight. Then, I request you to think again. Carrying your cologne can prove to be a savior when you would like to avoid that stink coming from the aircraft restroom. When there are so many people in the flight closed for hours then some cologne also becomes a necessity to get out of that odour. Aesthetically, keeping different perfumes for different destinations can always remind you of the time you spent in that place. You can always make sure they are your favourite ones.

11. Medicines

When we think of traveling, we might miss our daily medications. Especially, when we are changing time zones. But be sure to have your medications and take them on an hourly basis, instead of the time of the destination region. Also, don’t forget to carry medications if you feel nauseating at higher altitudes along with medications as per your allergies and conditions.

Though the aircraft has minimal medications and flight staff have some medical training, please be aware of your medications when you are taking longer flights.

Other Necessary Essentials You Should Always Carry While Traveling

12. Pens

When you are taking such long flights and are ready to go through all the customs and check at the airport. You might forget a best friend who can save your time instantly and make sure that you are as prepared as possible. A pen is a mate for you. When you change time zones or countries, you need to sign a hell lot of documents and fill forms at every step. And, if you are expecting to have a pen at the counter, it might not be possible. Hence, it is always good to have a working pen handy all the time as soon as you enter the

13. Copy Of ID And Other Documents

You might not want to carry the originals with you but carrying a copy of the documents and proof of your ID in your carry bag is always a good thought. You need your ID, a copy of your passport, visas and other required documents if asked at the airport where you board the flight or when you reach your destination.

14. Gums/Mint

If you are relying on snacks all the time while you would be on flight, then believe me it is never going to be enough. But you would also need something in your mouth for time to pass. In that case, mouth fresheners, mints or gums of your favourite flavour would
come handy. And don’t forget to dispose of it off in tissue paper or a napkin, for hygienic purposes. A safe tip for rare travelers would be gums or mints that always help you with nausea or pain in the ear at higher altitudes.

15. Cash In Local Currency

You might have thought that it is not necessary and you can have your currency changed at the airport once you land but that could not be the case at all. Or the currency exchange counter may be far off from your terminal. Hence, for emergency purposes, it is always safe to carry some local currency with you even before you start your journey.

These are my top travel essentials for long flight journeys. Did I miss anything that you found useful? Let me know your must have essentials for long flight journeys in the comments section below.

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