Mendoza Itinerary : Top Things To Do In 3 Days

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Looking for an ultimate Mendoza itinerary for 3 days? Discover the best things to do and explore with the below 3 days in Mendoza itinerary.

Mendoza is a popular city known especially for its wineries and the beauty of surrounding Andes mountain ranges. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Argentina. People who visit here love this wine paradise. There are many things to do in Mendoza, such that the explorations are not only bound to its wineries. This city has history, art, culture and community to make you feel at home. Amazing outdoor activities, incredible vineyards, wonderful spas, delicious cuisine and the scenic surroundings are the things that make Mendoza very special.

To make sure you experience the best, here is a 3 days in Mendoza itinerary with all the things that you would enjoy in this picturesque city.

Mendoza Itinerary : 3 Days In Mendoza

Day 1 : Wine Tour, Peatonal Sarmiento, Calle Aristides Villanueva

Morning – Afternoon

Take A Tour Of The Wineries

Wine Tour - Mendoza Itinerary
Wine Tour – Mendoza Itinerary

Now, when you are already amongst the wineries, it would be ideal to explore them and get to know the secrets of winemaking through the wine fields that are planted in the backdrop of beautiful mountains. You will find the best wineries of Mendoza in Maipu and Lujan de Cuyo. A multi-bike tour is available for you that can help you explore the best of the wine territories here.

Alternatively, if you do not prefer biking, then you can go for an organized wine tasting tour that lasts a five hour half day inclusive of hotel transfers and guided visit to the wineries and olive oil factory. This tour will take you through two of the best wineries in the Mendoza region. There is also a wonderful 8 hour long full day wine tour inclusive of a 3 course lunch meal coupled with delicious wines from the best wineries in the Luján de Cuyo, Maipú or Valle de Uco regions.


Take A Walk Around Peatonal Sarmiento

There is always a place in the city where the community comes closer and spends some time together. Peatonal Sarmiento is just that place in Mendoza. This lovely pedestrian street is only three blocks long. It is a very pleasant area for people watching or for spending time in a cool cafe. As you walk along the streets of Peatonal Sarmiento with other tourists, you would be amazed by the small artists playing music on its corners. You will also see a beautiful fountain in the first block. The historic buildings on these streets simply signify the making of this city. The music and singing at this hour would make you fall in love with this city all over again.

Witnessing The Night Coming Alive At Calle Aristides Villanueva

Mendoza is famous for its nightlife. Many spots are known for bringing people together to share old tales, a few drinks and an entire night of partying. At the end of the day, it becomes essential that you become a part of it. Mendoza is known for the nights of Aristides. The locals here enjoy partying and hence it has a lot of restaurants, pubs, local bars and lounges for you to spend a lot of time and party as much as you want. The music, the people, the language and the culture will fill you up with new life.

Day 2 : Cerro de la Gloria, Museo Nacional del Vino, Plaza Independencia


Visit Cerro de la Gloria

Army of the Andes Monument - Mendoza Itinerary
Army of the Andes Monument – Mendoza Itinerary

Cerro de la Gloria gives you an opportunity to venture onto a small mountain hike to visit the Army of the Andes, a memorial monument in the city of Mendoza. For this, an early morning hike would be worth it. The mount can be reached by bike or hike. On the way, you will find a lot of local vendors, eateries and souvenirs shops where you can buy memorabilia or spend time in.

At the end of the day, you will not only see the mount but also be able to marvel over some breathtaking landscapes from the top. It would give you a view of the landscape surrounding the town and the town itself. You can click a lot of Insta-worthy pictures or simply take photos to reminisce on this experience. The hike would be not more than 45 minutes long.


Explore The Museo Nacional del Vino

If you are wondering about how this land converted itself into a wine heaven and want to delve more into it then your Mendoza itinerary must have a visit to the Museo Nacional del Vino. Through various artworks, paintings, old machine specimens and documents of old winemaking techniques and traditions, this place will take you back in time. It will tell you the tale of an immigrant who changed this place into a wine territory forever. The building is also a state of the art and you will love every corner of it.

Enjoying a Parrilla Meal

Parrillas means steakhouses and there are many around the city. These steakhouses would offer you a wide range of delicious and lip-smacking food on its menu. For a fantastic dining experience, head to Parrilla Gavilan located at a short walking distance from Museo Nacional del Vino. It would serve you to your heart’s content.


Spend Some Time At Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia - Mendoza Itinerary
Plaza Independencia – Mendoza Itinerary

The best way to spend your evening on the second day is to spend it at Plaza Independencia. The mild showers of water from the fountains against the evening skies would be a one-of-a-kind experience in this serene location. The surrounding of this place is sort of majestic and dream-like. If you remember Amy Adams, singing “that’s how you’ll know, she loves you…”; you might get a similar feeling. Yes, the aura of Central Park in New York, is just a little bit dreamier or maybe Enchanted.

Day 3

The itinerary for Day 3 is filled with a lot of activities and relaxation options. Since we have a lot of options listed here, you can choose any of them as per your preferences.

Go For River Rafting

There are mountains surrounding this land and the Mendoza River is flowing on the sidelines of the city. This kind of natural environment certainly makes it an ideal time for river rafting. If you have not been part of this team sport till now, you can be a part of this sport here. And, we are sure, you will love it. You can find an adventurous river rafting activity amongst the stunning Andes mountain ranges here.

Relaxation At Cacheuta Hot Springs

You would have to go a little bit outside the city to experience the natural thermal or hot water bath but once you reach it you will realize that it is all worth it. If you are looking for a unique rejuvenating experience then you can always choose this natural hot water bath to relax and get rid of your tiredness. Though it is outside the city, it has a restaurant and a brewery beside the hotel or spa with this facility. Click here for more details.

Explore The Andes Mountain Range On A Horse Back Riding Tour

When was the last time you donned a cowboy hat and boots to ride a horse? Well, if that’s what you are fascinated about, the horseback rides can be offered to you in Mendoza. You can do a half-day or a full-day tour of the vineyards or the mountains on the horse while the guides would be telling you more about the city and its tales.

Experience the Natural Villavicencio Reserve

In the estate of Wine heaven, it is difficult to imagine a place where you will find grey foxes and wild cats but here is this place, to diversify the content of your vacation. Amidst forests, nearby water bodies and mountains, this natural reserve has many animals in a natural environment that you can witness. It is easy to explore the entire reserve on a half-day tour from there. You can find an easy tour of this natural reserve on TripAdvisor here.

General Information On Mendoza

Where To Stay In Mendoza?

Highlight Of Your Mendoza Itinerary – Stay In One Of The Wineries

You are in Mendoza, the world’s finest and best wine regions. So, if you are looking for a great place to stay in Mendoza then the wineries of this city will welcome you wholeheartedly. Not just to taste the wines but to provide you with a roof over your head while you vacation around its surroundings. There are multiple hotels at these vineyards that are just a search away, where you can plan to stay. These hotels are designed in different styles. You will find the hotels from the country lifestyle to the contemporary style with a pool in the vicinity.

It would be refreshing from your regular vacations and other hotels to stay at a hotel which is a part of a vineyard. Club Tapiz Resort is located on one of the best and finest wineries in the Mendoza Province. You will find it in Maipu valley which is 30 minutes away from the Mendoza city center. It boasts a lovely swimming pool, provides spa services and has a restaurant that offers home grown fresh organic produce. Guests can also go on a canopy walk, horseback riding through the wines and trekking from this property. We highly recommend you to reserve your rooms well in advance, because this resort has only 7 exclusive rooms available on site for visitors.

How To Get Around Mendoza?

Mendoza has a semi reliable public transport system which includes a light rail system and buses. Commuting by taxis is also a cheap, safe and very convenient option in the region.

This rounds up our Mendoza itinerary for you. Plan your trip according to this Mendoza 3 Day itinerary and make the most out of your visit. Rest assured, the charm of this wonderful region and the stunning vineyards will stay with you forever.

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