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12 Most Romantic Things To Do In Santa Barbara For Couples

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There are so many romantic things to do in Santa Barbara for couples. Lets explore this fabulous town and find out the experiences a couple can enjoy here the most.

Santa Barbara is a Californian town with some elite neighborhoods spread across its land sporadically. From the cosy accommodation of the Duchess of Sussex to the high-end lodging of Oprah Winfrey. The A-listers have made sure to not let this place lose its charm. But there is more to Santa Barbara than what is written in tabloids. The mystic beauty of the town, the culture, the colour and the arresting charm makes it one of a kind.

Nothing can define romance more than the pious bells of the old mission church, the alluring sandy beaches and the enchanting sunsets from the eyes of Santa Barbara. This land welcomes you with open arms to be adventurous, romantic, playful and placid all at once. Bring your sweetheart to spend a memorable fest at Santa Barbara to have the experiences you have never had before. Here are the most romantic things to do in Santa Barbara for couples.

Winery Visit - Romantic Things To Do In Santa Barbara For Couples

Romantic Things To Do In Santa Barbara

1. A Romantic Afternoon At Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

It is one of the most famous places in Santa Barbara so you can expect some crowd here walking through the narrow pavements of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. But if you are a nature lover then you would love to see the beautiful flowers and the flora spread through this land. The botanical sceneries set against the blue skies and mountains will give you a feeling of paradise as you will set your eyes on it. And what can be better to share this experience with your beloved? The garden opens at 10 am and I assure you the moments spent here would be memorable for you.

2. Twilight Walks Around The Wharf

When was the last time you remember that you spent some quality time with your partner? The Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara is the perfect place for you to steal some moments out of your busy life and spend them with your significant other. The wooden shaft of Stearns Wharf is always there to welcome you. However, if you want a more up-close rendezvous with the sea then Santa Barbara beaches are there with open arms at twilight to give you the still moments of your life. A long walk under the lavender sky and the melody of the waves would be amorous.

3. Relaxing Day At Underground Salt Cave

Here is a little secret of Santa Barbara which has yet not become a tourist spot for many. However, you can spend a relaxing day at the Underground Salt Cave of Santa Barbara. The quiet, golden lit rooms would make you feel at home. On the other hand, the staff would provide you with a top-class masseuse, who can offer you the massages to rejuvenate your body on a holiday. The fresh Himalayan salt straight from the wines combined with a hot jacuzzi after a long massage can be a wonderful gift for your better half. Now that sounds like one of the most romantic things to do in Santa Barbara as a couple!

4. Staycation In Palihouse Santa Barbara

This is one of the most perfect and romantic things to do in Santa Barbara for couples. There are many wonderful hotels in the town that you can get overwhelmed quickly. A fantastic boutique hotel, Palihouse is a perfect getaway for couples in Santa Barbara. Beautiful rooms with cozy fireplaces, deep bathtubs, elegant interiors and world class amenities give you the intimate setting you are looking for. The hotel also offers facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, onsite bar and restaurant, fitness center and free private parking for its guests. The Palihouse is a stylish romantic hideaway located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara.

5. A Visit To Old Mission Santa Barbara

Many lucky ones get the opportunity to get married at the old church of Santa Barbara. It would not be too much to say that people kill to have a slot during the wedding season here at this church. But if you are not the fortunate ones, What place would be more romantic to renew the marriage vows or simply make the new promises of love to each other under the beautiful frescoed ceilings and long walls off the Old Mission church of Santa Barbara? Seek the blessings of the almighty here to strengthen the love and last it till eternity. The church opens at 09:30 in the morning and would welcome you till 4 in the evening.

6. Gazing At The Sunset

Gazing at the sunset with your beloved is the one thing that must have made its place in your bucket list but fulfilling it might seem like a difficult task. If you are planning a visit to Santa Barbara, please check it off of your list because the sunsets in the skies here can make you spellbound. Your eyes set at the horizon just before the sun takes its dive into the water can make you want to stop the time right at the moment, just to preserve it as a memory which you have lived with your love forever.

Stearns Wharfs and Channel Islands National Park boasts the most scenic sunset views. A sunset kayak tour from Santa Barbara Harbor is also a fabulous way to enjoy sunset views with your loved one.

7. The Wining And Dining

Santa Barbara is surrounded by vineyards. That means you can go on a wine tasting spree with your partner here. And this would not be any luxurious dining experience but it would be more of a gritty and raw touch to your trip here. You can go from one farm to another or just the local cellars to have the fresh wines from the best of the harvests. The best of the red wines and the white ones are available in Santa Barbara. You can expand your tastes here.

The Margerum tasting room is just around the corner from the centre of the city. Saarloos and sons is another wine company in Santa Barbara that offers the best of the best in the locality. When it comes to vineyards, Santa Ynez Valley is the best and always at your service to quench your thirst.

This activity is sure to be added to your list of fun and romantic things to do in Santa Barbara for couples.

8. Go Hiking

Another one of the romantic things to do in Santa Barbara for couples is getting up close with nature on hike trails. Santa Barbara is surrounded by mountains and you can certainly go on a hiking trip under various hiking programs that are being offered here. One of the most popular trails in Santa Barbara is the hike to the Inspiration Point. It is about 2.5 miles round trip and offers the most amazing views of the city, Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains.

If you are looking for a less crowded hike trail, the Rattlesnake Trail should be your pick. It takes you through beautiful flora to amazing views of the mountains and sea. This trails is near Skofield Park and about 5 miles round-trip.

9. Plan A Whale Watching Tour

Santa Barbara offers some mid-water tours from a few of its boats which can take you on a little adventure on the surface of the seas which is deep and contains surprises of its own. One of the surprises which you can plan for your partner is the whale watching experience on the nearby water of Santa Barbara. There are always one or two whales who can visit you on the surface to welcome you in their habitat. This one would be astonishing and magical for you both.

10. Romantic Helicopter Tour Over The City

One look can change everything you ever believed in. That is how you define your love and what better way to redefine it while riding a flight to see the scenic beauty of Santa Barbara through a helicopter tour. Numerous aviation services offer little helicopter rides to people who would love to fall in love with this place. This experience can sweep you off your feet, just like you fell in love for the first time.

11. Spend A Day At The Beach

Santa Barbara offers a lot of beaches and therefore there are tons of activities that can be done on these beaches. There is the Butterfly Beach which is famous for surfing. People not only come here to surf as a sport but also to learn to surf here. This beach is also a lovely spot to watch the sunset. Miramar beach which is overlooked by the outstanding Rosewood Miramar Beach resort is also a great spot for that quaint time with your partner. Lay over a sheet with wine and bread on top of it to make your time more cherished.

12. A Walk Through The Museum Of Natural History

Have you ever wished to have a time machine only to live those moments again which has been dusted with time? Well, unfortunately, there is no time machine built yet. But making more memories will always be an option. Santa Barbara offers you something more than that. You can make memories while walking through natural history, here at the Museum of Natural History. You can go thousands of years back and look out for dinosaurs living and rhinoceros. The different kinds of birds, whales and sharks as well. Following the path of gently bowed branches of trees would lead you to an inside museum that will show you the butterflies and other living beings.

As you can see there are so many romantic things to do in Santa Barbara for couples that you could visit here time and again. This town is filled with rich heritage, beautiful architectures, gorgeous beaches, stunning natural beaches and amazing food and wine scene. As a couple, we are sure you will have a great time in Santa Barbara during your trip.

We would love to hear your ideas on the romantic things to do in Santa Barbara as a couple that you have tried already or look forward to. Let us know in the comment section below.

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