10 Top Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

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Find out the best things to do in Orlando besides theme parks for a memorable time.

Orlando is best known for Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort which has led to a lot of theme parks in the city. Tourists visit multiple times for the fun and frolics the theme parks have to offer. Besides theme parks, Orlando has many incredible things to do that you as a visitor can look forward to. This city admires the art of life through taste, culture, innovation and fun. Below are some of the best things to do in Orlando besides theme parks. There is at least one for each taste.

Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

1. Get Your Taste Buds To Tingle At The Chocolate Museum

If you are a chocolate lover, then this is going to be your favorite 45 minutes here in Orlando. The chocolate museum tour would take you on a journey of making chocolates and all kinds of them, so you can decide which one is your favorite and which one is the least. Consider yourself a kid in Willy Wonka’s factory while you explore the museum because you won’t want to come out of it and would be curious about every single step that is required to make chocolates. You can keep pondering about how cocoa and other ingredients can give you a wide variety of chocolates.

There is also a café at the end of the tour where you can eat and buy freshly made and baked chocolate goodies. We are sure you would want to keep them coming.

Opening Hours : 12 PM to 6 PM daily.

Click here to book your tickets for the tour of Chocolate Museum in advance.

2. Witness Magic At The Great Magic Hall

The definition of magic has varied in its various portrayals, from the blockbuster Now You See Me and The Prestige to the magical world of Harry Potter. But if you are interested in knowing more about the history and emergence of this talent, then you must visit The Great Magic Hall. It has an exclusive magical show and also has several rooms and halls where the history of magic and its mindful artistry is not only preserved but is shown and explained to the muggle world.

The Great Magic Hall is located in the old town of Orlando and welcomes you to enjoy the timely shows of magic by some of the known artists here. You would be amazed by how many memories it brings in and that it can still fascinate you like the old days.

Opening Hours : 1 PM to 10 PM daily.

3. Enjoy A Walk By The Lake Eola

Lake Eola - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks
Lake Eola – Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

If you are looking for some serene time in Orlando then the beautiful Lake Eola would just offer you the same. The history of Eola is as magical as its surroundings today. It once emerged from a sinkhole in the middle of the city and filled the hole with 200 feet of water. You will see that it is like an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. It is just appropriate for people’s eyes. You can witness the sunlight being played at the golden hour in the middle of the city. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery.

You can paddle in a swan boat through the lake and go fishing as well. But if you want to do nothing at the lake, it would offer you that pleasure as well.

4. Meet Your Favorite Stars At The Madame Tussauds

Been to Madame Tussauds in London or New York? There is one around the corner in the city of Orlando as well, where you will find all the life-sized statues of your favorite artists and get a picture clicked with them. There are separate galleries in the museum, so you can explore it according to your preferences. There is a separate gallery for film stars, sports stars and others as well. You can also get to know more about them and their achievements that are yet not reached in gossip columns and tabloids. Most importantly, get yourself Insta-worthy pictures in the museum to simply show it off.

Opening Hours : Sunday – Thursday : 11 AM to 6 PM | Friday – Saturday : 11 AM to 7 PM

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5. Try To Escape The Escape Game

While in Orlando, you can imagine yourself in a world where you meet some strangers and have to solve some mind-bending riddles to get out of the place you are stuck in. No, this is not a pitch for another thriller show on Netflix, it is rather a reality and can be a fun game and memorable time for you if you are exploring Orlando with friends or family.

The Escape Game is a place with the same theme and it is built around interesting sets like a spaceship or a prison cell. So, you can imagine yourself in a star-wars movie fighting the dark lord or simply be an innocent man stuck in a prison trying to escape from the jailor. Whatever you plan to do here, fun is guaranteed.

Opening Hours : 8 AM to 12 AM daily.

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6. Vibe At The House of Blues

Delicious food with some blues music is all you require to set your mood right anytime. What if the menu comes from the best place in Orlando and the music is live and exclusively played for you? If you are already daydreaming about it then it is time to make it true. Orlando has the House of blues, the perfect destination for you. Here you can get that adrenaline rush when the house reels up with music and enthusiasm. That too when the best bands in the country perform in front of you.

For a more casual and leisure experience, there are blue music hours filled with accolade-worthy performances and jazz tunes when you can just vibe to it. You can pre-book your concert ticket or reserve your table in the house so you can later surprise your loved ones with the experience.

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday – 11:30 AM to 11 PM |Friday : 11:30 to 11:30 PM | Saturday : 10 AM to 11:30 PM | Sunday : 10 AM to 11 PM

7. Admire The Uniqueness Of Art At The Museum of American Art

This is the place where you can enjoy your day as a family and as a date as well. The Museum of American Art or the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando is artistic heaven. Here you will find the creations of some of the best artists in the country in all forms. Apart from that, the museum makes sure to admit and exhibit new talents. And, hence, the First Thursday of every month is used to display the best works of the local artists and whoever wants to exhibit their phenomenal pieces to the people visiting it. You are not going to find some old artworks but new perspectives of new generations.

There are family programs, youth programs and adult programs that are organized for the people here. You can participate in any of these programs and can spend some memorable time with your loved ones. You can create something unique and make it a masterpiece.

Opening Hours : Tuesday to Saturday – 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM | Sunday – 12 PM to 4:30 PM | Remains closed on Mondays

8. Explore The Space At The Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center - Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks
Kennedy Space Center – Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

If you are visiting Orlando soon, this must be on your bucket list. Kennedy Space Center is one of the most fascinating places that you are going to visit here. As the name suggests, it is the place where NASA conducts its special activities and operations. So, you can understand that there is a plethora of knowledge, not only about space but also about the different spacecraft that you are going to discover here. You will not only find the different concepts of space exploration but will also witness the different models of rockets that NASA has used for several years and that is not supposed to be missed.

You will find the real documentaries of the astronauts that have been to space. There are tapes from the astronauts that are probably sitting in a satellite monitoring earth’s outer space while you visit the museum. There is so much to witness, discover and explore in this museum that it is going to take you hours to go through it and it would be a memorable experience.

Click here to get your entrance tickets for the Kennedy Space Center.

9. Spend Leisure Noon At The Wekiwa Springs State Park

Only under the scorching heat of the sun, is this cool park surrounded by lush green trees, clear water and a cool breeze offering an oasis-like experience to people visiting it. It is located just 20 minutes north from Orlando and people love to spend some lazy afternoons here. But if you consider yourself an adventurer and would rather spend some time performing activities then too this park zealously welcomes you. You can go mountain biking, snorkeling, hiking, paddling, swimming, horseback riding, fishing, geo-seeking, wildlife Viewing and many more.

As you are going to spend an entire day doing fun activities, under the sun, you would need a lot of things. Therefore, the park takes care of all your needs. Special amenities include campgrounds, an equestrian trail, a picnic pavilion, a canoe kayak launch area and a playground for kids.

10. Ride A Hot Air Balloon

The experience of witnessing a city’s skyline is offered by very few places. And, Orlando is one of them. The Hot Air Balloon services here are ready to give you a tour through some beautiful landscapes of Orlando City. It would be best if you have your reservations of the ride prior with any company of your choice. That way, you can decide on the best time to do it and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. The golden hours would be the best for such experiences.

Have you explored Orlando beyond theme parks? We would love to know your favorite things to do in Orlando besides theme parks in the comments section below.

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