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Planning a visit to Lavasa? Here are some of the best things to do in Lavasa to make the most out of it!

Lavasa is one of the most unique hilltop cities in India surrounded by mountains having scenic lake, waterfalls and an amazing landscape. It is a private city developed and maintained by Hindustan Construction Company. The most attractive part of this city is the Promenade which has a very picturesque backdrop of pastel colored buildings. These buildings have residential apartments as well as hotel accommodations. The architecture of this city is inspired from Portofino, a beautiful village in Italy. There are many enjoyable things to do in Lavasa such as adventure water sports, cycling or take a stroll at the promenade enjoying the charming surroundings.

While you are on your way to Lavasa, you will find many places where you can get down of your car, do some good photography with the hills beautifully covered with lots of greenery and waterfalls. The monsoon season gives truly blissful and pleasant vibes to this city.

How to Reach Lavasa

We traveled to Lavasa from Pune city in Maharashtra from where it is located at a distance of 65 kms. We hired an Ola outstation cab for the trip and it took us about 2 hours to reach Lavasa. Since it’s a hilltop destination, the road towards Lavasa is curvy, so I would recommend you to eat light and carry some medicines to avoid any motion sickness. The roads are surrounded by very mesmerizing views of mountains and mini waterfalls making the journey more memorable and worthwhile.

Lavasa can also be reached from Mumbai from where it is located at a distance of 190 kms.

Once you reach at the entry gate to Lavasa, there is a parking fees which is Rs. 200 for two wheeler vehicles and Rs. 500 for four wheeler vehicles.

When to Visit Lavasa

The most recommended time to visit Lavasa is during monsoons that occur from June till August. This hill city is beautifully covered with clouds and greenery giving you a very blissful feeling. You will have to give water sports a miss during this season due to the rainfalls.

You can also visit Lavasa during winters which is an ideal season just like for visiting any hillstation as you can enjoy the water sports as well as the very pleasant ambiance this city has to offer.

Where to Stay in Lavasa

Anywhere you plan to stay in Lavasa will provide you amazing and breathe taking views from around the city. The city is beautifully surrounded by the Dasve lake and hills. Just imagine waking up to such views on some days of vacation. I really wish I could have stayed there for longer. One resort I would highly recommend is Ekaant the Retreat. This resort gives fantastic overlooking views of Lavasa city.

Alternatively, you can also plan a day trip to Lavasa from Pune or Mumbai and travel back to the cities by the evening.
If you want to explore hotel options in Lavasa, you can find the best deals by booking your perfect hotel from the box below;

Things to do in Lavasa

Stroll across the Promenade

The Promenade located just beside the Dasve lake is the highlight of Lavasa. The promenade starts with a very lovely bridge build over a waterfall leading you to the amazing backdrop of the residential apartments, resorts, Dasve lake and hills. While you are walking through the Promenade, you can have snacks, tea and sit on the benches to relax and enjoy the view.


If you enjoy cycling, then I would recommend you to hire bicycle from there and take a tour around the hills. The bicycles are available at the rental rates starting from INR 100. Cycling is the most enjoyable way to explore the beauty of Lavasa. Alternatively you can also rent a Segway which are available at rental rates starting from INR 400.

Water Sports

If you are looking for some adventure while enjoying the amazing views, then you can go for water sport activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, zip lining and boating. These activities are not accessible during monsoons due to the heavy rains. The timing for the water sports is from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Xthrill Adventure Academy

Xthrill Adventure Academy offers luxury camping in air conditioned tents. You can also opt for activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, jungle treks and many more.

Enjoy the Food

Lavasa has few restaurants offering various cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Chinese and Mexican at the Portifino Street which is the waterfront from Dasve lake. You can try out joints such as Food Stop, Happy Sandwich, Chor Bizzare, Tabakh (Lebanese Restaurant), etc. We would recommend you to try the delicious pizza and paneer wraps from Happy Sandwich. You can also try out vada pav and cutting chai at one of these restaurants while taking a stroll at the promenade.

Things to do in Lavasa

So, if you are looking for some adventure that takes you to a nature-led experience, plan a day trip or a weekend stay at this beautiful hill city named Lavasa.

Do share your comments and if you have any queries, feel free to ask.

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  1. Have never got a chance to go to Lavasa despite being in Mumbai. Thanks for this blog Anjali! Quite an informative post. Would soon love to plan a trip here.

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