10 Best Islands In India You Must Definitely Visit

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India is a country full of incredible and enriching experiences. Having a huge coastline, India has many gorgeous islands that are a treat to its visitors. So, if you are seeking for some relaxing, adventurous or just a wonderful vacation, here are 10 islands in India that you must absolutely visit.

Havelock Island :

islands in india

Havelock Island exemplifies paradise on earth. The clear blue sea water, miles of white sand beaches, beautiful palm trees, dense mangrove forests, coral reefs and exotic resorts will keep you in awe of this place. Words can just not do justice to Havelock islands. You can go for ferry rides, banana boat rides, glass bottom boating and if you are more on adventurous side you can opt for scuba diving, snorkeling or any other water sports too. 

When To Visit Havelock Island : October till May

How To Get There : Port Blair Airport is the nearest airport to the Havelock Island. You can take a ferry from Port Blair that would take about 90 minutes to reach the Havelock Islands.

Where To Stay : Symphony Palms Beach Resort, The Barefoot At Havelock

Divar Island :

islands in india

Divar is a small island located at approximately 10 km distance from the Panjim city in Goa. Surrounded by lots of greenery and mangroves forests, the Divar island has a very mesmerizing aura.  This island is also home to beautiful churches and ancient Portuguese villas. If you are looking for a more calm and tranquil place to visit in Goa, this island will be your favorite spot.

When To Visit Divar Island : November till April

How To Get There : A ferry ride from Old Goa near Viceroy’s arch that would take about 15 minutes to reach Divar Island.

Where To Stay : Island House

Majuli Island :

islands in india

The peaceful and serene vibes at Majuli Island would give you the most enriching experience you can have on an island. Located in Assam, it is the world’s largest river water island on the mighty Brahmaputra. From staying in a bamboo hut, cycling around the beautiful greenery and river to indulging in it’s cultural aura, Majuli Island is a treat for people looking for enlightening escapes.

When To Visit Majuli Island : October till March

How To Get There : A ferry ride from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat which would take about 1 hour to reach the Majuli Island.

Where To Stay : River View Bamboo Cottage

St. Mary’s Island :

islands in india

Looking for visiting a very dreamy and fascinating island? Then you should be heading to the St. Mary’s island which is one of the most stunning islands in India. It’s almost on every island lover’s bucket list. The crystal clear water, large coconut trees, basaltic rock formations, the sea waves crashing on the rocks and the cloudy blue skies would venture you to a magical world.

When To Visit St. Mary’s Island : October till January

How To Get There : A ferry ride from Malpe Beach in Udupi (Karnataka) which would take about 20 minutes to reach St. Mary’s Island.

Where To Stay : Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Malpe Sea Front Cottages

Diu Island :

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Located off the coast of Gujarat is a very beautiful island, Diu. Rock caves, sandy beaches, magnificent forts, churches and temples, this island has it all. The Diu Island also hosts Asia’s longest beach festival called ‘Festa De Diu’. There are many singers, live musicians and artists who showcase a variety of performances during this festival. Held yearly from December till February, this festival also has many ongoing workshops and fun activities to keep you entertained.

When To Visit Diu Island : October till March

How To Get There : The best way to reach Diu is by flights or by roadways. The Diu airport is well connected to the major cities in India.

Where To Stay : Krishna Beach Resort

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Lakshadweep Islands :

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The Lakshadweep Islands are a set of 36 coral islands. If you are looking for an island destination for honeymoon, look no further. The Lakshadweep islands are synonymous to a paradise. The tranquil sea, white sandy beaches, large coconut trees and coral reefs are a true visual delight for visitors. You can go for snorkeling, kayaking, glass boating or explore the marine life by scuba diving in the sea.

When To Visit Lakshadweep Islands : October till May

How To Get There : The Lakshadweep islands is easily reachable through flights or seaways from Kochi.

Where To Stay : Kavaratti Island Beach Resort, Agatti Island Beach Resort

Munroe Island :

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Nestled in the enchanting backwaters of Kerala is the beautiful Munroe Island. This island takes you very close to experiencing the wonders of nature. You can go boating on the calm sea surrounded by beautiful greenery and beaches, visit the coconut farms, encounter some migratory birds, stroll along the backwaters or lay back on one of the hammocks at the relaxing resorts in Munroe Island.

When To Visit Munroe Island : October till May

How To Get There : You can take a ferry or travel by car from Kollam Town which is located at about 25 kms from Munroe Island.

Where To Stay : Munroe Island Lake Resort, Munroe Nest Homestay

Willingdon Island :

islands in india

Willingdon Island is the largest man made island in India. Located in Kochi this island is surrounded by beautiful back waters. It is a perfect place for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are many luxury hotels at the Willingdon Island offering breath taking view of the Arabian Sea.

When To Visit Willingdon Island : October till April

How To Get There : The Willingdon Island is easily reachable from Cochin International Airport or from the nearest railway station Ernakulam South.

Where To Stay : Trident Cochin, Taj Malabar Resort & Spa

Little Andaman Island :

islands in india

The beaches at the Little Andaman Island offer a very calm and peaceful escape for its visitors. Since reaching Little Andaman is a bit difficult, it’s not a place flocked by tourists. This beautiful island is worth overcoming those convenience difficulties. You can also visit the two mesmerizing waterfalls on the island;  White Surf and Whisper Wave Waterfall.

When To Visit Little Andaman : November till May

How To Get There : There are daily ferry rides from Phoenix Bay and Haddo Wharf in Port Blair that connects to Hut Bay in Little Andaman. The journey is up to 10 hours long depending on the weather conditions.

Where To Stay : The Rainbow Resort, Blue View Resort 

Netrani Island :

islands in india

The Netrani Island is popularly known for underwater adventure activities and it’s heart shape resemblance when viewed from an aerial perspective. Located off the coast of Karnataka, this coral island is a great place to explore the enchanting aquatic life which includes dolphins, butterfly fishes, stingrays, turtles, corals, whales and many more. 

When To Visit Netrani Island : November till February

How To Get There : You will have to take a ferry ride from Murudeshwar to reach the Netrani Island. The journey would be up to 90 minutes long.

Where To Stay : There are no accommodations available on Netrani Island. Alternatively, you can book your stay in Murudeshwar.

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Have you visited any of these islands or know more that should be on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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21 thoughts on “10 Best Islands In India You Must Definitely Visit

  • Wow! I have never heard of any of these islands! Thank you for sharing them! I love Lakshadweep Islands in particular… they look like dream islands!

  • amar singh

    Great post never knew there were so many islands in and around the sub continent . thanks for sharing .

  • Great post! Once again, so informative. I had no idea there were so many Islands around. Thank you for providing this information! It’s eye opening and jaw dropping.

  • Nicole Anderson

    This is a great introduction to the islands of India. Firstly I never really knew there were that many islands off India, but this post introduces them with just the right amount of information, that has planted the seed, for me to want to know more about these places. I look forward to reading more about these islands.

  • I have visited to most of them. Netrani island been so pretty, so Andaman and Nicobar islands. Diu island is pretty and Majuli island has its own history. I really wish to visit Lakshadweep islands.

  • This post just made me realise how little I know about India. It is just such a vast country and it never occurred to me to even think about the fact that here are so many islands one could visit. Lakshadweep Islands look stunning but then again islands situated by coral reefs all have this gorgeous blue/green hue. Great list!

  • I definitely should call myself a novice as i think i havent been to most of the island mentioned here except for one or two. Well it feels great definitely that our nation has got such amazing vastness and so many beautiful Island

  • I was very excited to read your post! India is on my bucket list, and I love visiting islands. Based on your descriptions, I think St. Mary’s island would be my first choice. It sounds stunning!

  • Laura Pedlar

    Wow these islands look like they should be in the Caribbean! I never considered that India had islands like this, they are so beautiful. I particularly liked your photo of Lakshadweep Island with the runway on the slip of land.

    • cheerfultrails

      Yes the Islands in India are really gorgeous.

  • I stayed in India for a year so I know most of these islands. I even visited half of them. But I didn’t know about any of them before I visited and seems like most people don’t. Most people don’t even think India has any islands. This post is a great introduction for India’s islands, thank you for sharing it.

    • cheerfultrails

      So true! India is not considered as a destination having islands. I hope this post makes travelers aware of it. The islands in India are very beautiful and a must visit.

  • This is why I love India. Theres so much to explore that I end up learning about a new destination on a daily basis through blogs. Havelock was one beautiful gem of a place. Next up on my radar is Majuli for sure.

  • What a shame, I have not been to even 5 of these Islands. There’s so much to explore in india. I’ll most probably be visiting Majuli island in 2019. Who wouldn’t wanna see the world’s largest river water island on the mighty Brahmaputra.

  • India is truly incredible. This is a great list of Island. I am from Assam and can proudly say the Majuli is absolutely gorgeous and can give anyone enriching experience about the place and the unique culture. Apart from that I am looking forward to visit Havelock Island. Its on my list.

  • aisasami

    I never been to India but I want to visit these islands. I loooooooooooooove tropical islands.

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  • Very well written..Happy to find Divar Island featured on your list . Just wanted to add that when in Goa, just don’t miss visiting the two of the cleanest , calmest & exceptionally beautiful beaches there – Ashwem Beach & Agonda Beach .
    Incredible India !

  • I see all island are worth to visit but you missed Bat Island of Goa. Goa have around 6-8 islands like Chorao Island, Sao jacinto , Conco, Butterfly Island etc.

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