11 Fantastic Day Trips From Copenhagen, Denmark

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The best day trips from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen is as well-known for its bohemian atmosphere as it is for many world-renowned attractions. With so many tourist attractions, it is no surprise that it attracts millions of visitors every year. The countryside around Copenhagen has even more to offer in terms of unbelievably pure scenery, attractive villages, old castles, cliffs and other natural wonders than the city itself. In this article we will be sharing our favorite day trips from Copenhagen.

While there are plenty of things to see and do in Copenhagen, there’s even more adventure waiting for you just outside the city limits. So, let’s get started with the list of some amazing day trips from Copenhagen. The best part about these excursions is that you can easily get access to them from Copenhagen Central Station.

Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

1. Kronborg Castle (Hamlet Castle)

Distance From Copenhagen : 28 miles (46 kms approx.)

Kronborg Castle - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Kronborg Castle – Day Trips From Copenhagen

We will start this list with one of our top day trips from Copenhagen, rather than saving best for the last. Denmark’s most renowned castle, Kronborg Castle, built in the 1420s, has been remarkably well-preserved throughout the decades, making it a fascinating and attractive location. It has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, because of its strategic position on the island of Helsingor, it provides tourists with a unique opportunity to see the waters of the Oresund Sound from every angle.

As you stroll into the Castle Chapel, the West Wing, and the majestic Knight’s Hall, you will be delighted to see the decorated interiors, antique furniture and fine paintings. Those who like classic literature will be delighted to learn that this castle served as an inspiration for Hamlet’s castle in Hamlet. The castle is also known for hosting an annual Shakespeare Festival in the month of August.

  • How To Reach Kronborg Castle from Copenhagen : The Kronborg Castle can be reached from Copenhagen by road or by train. Journey time is 45-50 minutes either way. The most convenient way of getting to the Helsingor town is by boarding a train from the Copenhagen Central Station. Further from the Helsingor Station, you will have to walk to the castle. The walk will not be more than 15-20 minutes long. Click here to check the current train schedule.
  • Suggested Tour : Alternatively, you can take an organised Hamlet Castle tour from Copenhagen. This tour will be inclusive of the admission fees, local guide, cost of transportation to the castle and train tickets.
  • Opening Hours Of Kronborg Castle : 10 AM to 5 PM daily

2. Malmo

Distance From Copenhagen : 26 miles (41.8 kms approx.)

Malmo - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Malmo – Day Trips From Copenhagen

Visiting Sweden’s third largest city, Malmo, is one of the greatest ways to spend a single day in Scandinavia. Even though your destination is less than an hour away, the adventure begins with travel over the massive Oresund Bridge, which unites Denmark and Sweden. Malmo’s Renaissance-style Malmohus Castle is Scandinavia’s oldest surviving example of the type, while the Turning Torso Building is one of Scandinavia’s highest structures. Stora Torget and Sodergatan, for example, are great places to sample modern cuisine, music and shopping.

Take a stroll on the cobblestone streets of the picturesque Gamla Vaster, Malmo’s old town. This neighborhood will charm you with its vibrance. Malmo is known for having lots of greenspaces. Amongst them the most beautiful park is Kungsparken. This park has canals, beautiful walkways, sculpture garden and a windmill too. Malmo is a must visit and certainly one of the most popular day trips from Copenhagen due to its close proximity from the city.

  • How To Reach Malmo From Copenhagen : The best way to reach Malmo is by train from Copenhagen Central Station. The journey takes about 45 minutes. This mode of transportation is also very convenient and inexpensive. Check schedule and find train tickets here.
  • Suggested Tour : Check out this incredible day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen. It is inclusive of all the transportation, boat ride over Oresund and a professional guide who will take you to all the unmissable attractions in Malmo.

3. Frederiksborg Palace

Distance From Copenhagen : 24 miles (39.2 kms)

Frederiksborg Palace - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Frederiksborg Palace – Day Trips From Copenhagen

There are three islands interrupted by the royal structures at Frederiksborg Palace, which dates back to the early 1600s and is famous for its extensive and breathtakingly beautiful network of gardens. The Royal Chapel, the Bath House Palace and the Museum of National History are all surrounded by pristinely manicured grounds.

Besides the museum, which is situated in a stunning Baroque structure, the palace also has an extraordinary collection of fine art, portraits and modern works of art that chronicle the history of the castle and the country of Denmark as a whole. The marvelous interiors of the palace will withhold your attention throughout your tour. The decorated ceilings, intricate furnishings and the grandeur itself is noteworthy. Once you have seen the palace do spend time beside the Slotssøen Lake to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings.

  • How To Reach Frederiksborg Palace from Copenhagen : From Copenhagen Central Station, take a train to the Hillerød Station. The train journey would be for about 40 minutes. Then you can take a local bus or a cab to reach the Frederiksborg Palace. Get your train tickets here.
  • Suggested Tours : A guided tour will be very convenient for visiting Frederiksborg Palace. Take a look at this very well organised tour. It is inclusive of all the transportation costs and entrance fees.
  • Opening Hours : 10 AM to 5 PM daily.

4. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Distance From Copenhagen : 22 miles ( 35 kms approx)

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Day Trips From Copenhagen

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a dynamic and modern environment that is conveniently located near Copenhagen and much simpler to get to, thanks to Denmark’s rapid and efficient train service. The museum, which houses more than 3500 globally recognised pieces of art by household names such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore, is a must-see for anybody with interest in art.

If you are not an art enthusiast, the museum’s setting alone makes it worthwhile for a day excursion since it is situated right on the water’s edge with a view stretching all the way over the Oresund Strait to the coast of Sweden. As a result of the breathtaking environment, valuable art and a restaurant providing delectable Danish and ethnic cuisine, it is considered one of the top day trips from Copenhagen.

  • Opening Hours : Tuesday to Friday – 11 AM to 10 PM | Saturday – Sunday – 11 AM to 6 PM | The Museum remains closed on Mondays

5. Dragør

Distance From Copenhagen : 8.4 miles (13.6 kms approx)

Dragør - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Dragør – Day Trips From Copenhagen

Another one of our favorite day trips from Copenhagen is the cute town Dragør. Easily accessible by bicycle from Copenhagen, the charming and colourful fishing town of Dragør is noted for its lovely thatched cottages. It is often regarded to be one of the country’s most scenic locations. It’s so appealing that its the site of several music and cultural events throughout the summer months, as well as year-round open-air markets offering anything from locally produced fruit to an unlimited variety of freshly caught fishes, among other things. Dragør is the ideal village hideaway for visitors wanting a taste of classic Denmark, thanks to its waterside museum and a farmhouse that can be visited on tour.

  • How To Reach Dragør From Copenhagen : The best way to reach Dragøris by a private cab. The drive would be just 20 minutes long depending on the traffic.

6. Egeskov Castle

Distance From Copenhagen : 103 miles (166 kms approx)

Egeskov Castle - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Egeskov Castle – Day Trips From Copenhagen

With a lake around both the castle and its grounds, Egeskov Castle is considered to be among Europe’s most spectacular Renaissance castles. It is unquestionably one of the finest maintained castles in Denmark, which makes it is a must-see. These gardens contain anything from hedge mazes to actual hedges that are about 300 years old, among other features.

The rooms on the interior of the castle are no less extravagant, with a strong emphasis on historical toys, such as Titania’s Palace. In addition, this doll home has over 3000 beautifully hand-crafted tiny pieces of furniture, as well as other small works of art from across the globe.

  • How To Reach Egeskov Castle From Copenhagen : Take a train to . The journey should be 2 hours long. The castle is located at a distance of 2.5 kms from the station. So you can either hire a cab or take bus 920 to reach the Egeskov Castle. Check the train schedule here.
  • Opening Hours : 10 AM to 5 PM daily

7. The Cliffs of Mon (Møns Klint)

Distance From Copenhagen : 86 miles (138.7 kms approx)

Møns Klint - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Møns Klint – Day Trips From Copenhagen

The Cliffs of Mon, which are reminiscent of the While Cliffs of Dover in England, rise out of the Baltic Sea to the south of Copenhagen. This natural wonder serves as a home for a variety of endangered species of flora and animals including the walrus. Aside from roaming about in the shade of the massive white chalk cliffs, there are a variety of other sights that are sure to captivate those who pass through.

For example, the coastal cliff of Stevns Klint, which is famed for its evidence of a destructive meteorite that struck the Earth millions of years ago, is a popular tourist destination. You can explore the fossil records that indicate how life on Earth recovered in the centuries after the extinction event.

  • How To Reach Cliffs of Mon From Copenhagen : From Copenhagen Central Station take the train to Vordingborg. From here take the bus 660R heading towards Stege or bus number 678 which will drop you closer to the cliffs. The bus journey will be 45 minutes long. Click here to check the train schedule.
  • Suggested Tours : Alternatively, if you want to avoid the complexity of using the public transport for reaching the Cliffs of Mon, do check this very convenient tour that is inclusive of a private vehicle.

8. Lolland

Distance From Copenhagen : 95.5 miles (153.8 kms)

Lolland Island - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Lolland Island – Day Trips From Copenhagen

The biggest of the South Sea Islands, the notoriously flat island of Lolland, is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen. Beyond being a breathtakingly gorgeous island, Lolland also provides a variety of activities for guests, some of which are more unusual than others. Do visit Dodekalitten to see the astonishing stone sculptures by the sea. In addition to the normal assortment of gorgeous churches and old buildings, Lolland is home to Knuthenborg Safaripark, the largest safari park in Northern Europe. With approximately 1000 species on its grounds, including tigers and rhinos, the park has become enormously popular with visitors. The safari park remains open during all seasons except winters.

  • How To Reach Lolland From Copenhagen : The best way to reach Lolland is driving straight along the highway E47.

9. Stevns Klint

Distance From Copenhagen : 46 miles (74 kms)

For its geological importance, the cliffs of Stevns Klint on the island of Zealand, southeast of Store Heddinge, have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 15-kilometre-long coastal cliff has remarkable evidence of the impact of a meteorite that came to Earth around 65 million years ago in Mexico, according to scientists. Because of this catastrophic event, almost half of all life on Earth was extinguished. Stevns Klint maintains a record of the ash cloud formed by this impact, as well as a full fossil record demonstrating the succession of fauna during the Earth’s recovery from mass extinction.

  • How To Reach Stevns Klint From Copenhagen : The best and most convenient way to reach Stevns Klint is by driving through E20 and Route 261. It would be a journey of 1 hour and worth the drive.

10. Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium)

Distance From Copenhagen : 5 miles (8.5 kms)

Den Blå Planet - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Den Blå Planet – Day Trips From Copenhagen

This is one of the easiest day trips from Copenhagen. It’s hard to leave Den Bla Planet – The Blue Planet, Northern Europe’s biggest aquarium – without feeling as if you are in the middle of the ocean. From above or below, visitors are able to see the 50 tanks and display rooms, separated into numerous wings shaped like a vortex. The Coral Reef is the most vibrant, home to a dazzling array of tropical species and a kaleidoscope of coral forms and hues.

Amazonas is not simply a marine ecology but a tropical forest home to a variety of brightly coloured butterflies and birds. Four million gallons of saltwater in the Ocean Tank are home to hammerhead sharks, moray eels, and other marine life.

  • How To Reach Den Bla Planet From Copenhagen : Near the Danish end of the Oresund Bridge, Den Bla Planet is only a short walk from the Kastrup Metro station, which is a 15-minute subway journey from Nørreport Station, Copenhagen.
  • Opening Hours : Tuesday to Sunday : 10 AM to 5 PM | Monday : 10 AM to 9 PM

11. Church of Our Lady, Kalundborg

Distance From Copenhagen : 64 miles (103 kms)

Church of Our Lady, Kalundborg - Day Trips From Copenhagen
Church of Our Lady, Kalundborg – Day Trips From Copenhagen

Besides a picturesque Old Town and an interesting museum, Kalundborg is also home to the famed Vor Frue Kirke, or Church of Our Lady, which is located in the heart of the city. The edifice, which was constructed in the 11th Century, has survived in incredible condition, not to mention being aesthetically pleasing. A distinctive feature of the Church is its five towers, which are designed to look like the five points of a Greek cross, and its spires, which are named after saints. The inside of the Church is similarly stunning, and the short visit from Copenhagen is well worth it for the experience.

These were all the fantastic day trips from Copenhagen, and they are all easily accessible thanks to the city’s excellent public transportation system. With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of the finest day trip destinations from Copenhagen. Which one would you prefer to include in your schedule for a visit to Copenhagen?

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