12 Unmissable Things To Do In Modica, Sicily

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Looking for things to do in Modica, Sicily? Look no further!

This beautiful city in Southeast Sicily packs a big cultural punch with Baroque style architectural landscapes and centuries old churches. It is also known for producing specialty chocolate inspired by an ancient Aztec recipe. Modica was severely damaged in a devastating earthquake in 1693. Following which it was rebuilt in the Sicilian Baroque style. In the year 2002, the city was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well preserved extravagant architecture. Modica has enchanting vibes, lovely sandy beaches and many cultural attractions that makes it very much worth a visit.

Modica, Sicily
Modica, Sicily

Without further ado, here are the best and unmissable things to do in Modica, Sicily.

Best Things To Do In Modica, Sicily

1. Cathedral Of Saint George (Baroque Cathedral of Modica)

Cathedral Of Saint George - Things To Do In Modica
Cathedral Of Saint George – Things To Do In Modica

Cathedral Of Saint George is the biggest, most beautiful cathedral in the province of Ragusa. You will realize as you lay your eyes on it, the reason why it has been included in the list of UNESCO heritage sites. This is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Modica. The yellow and golden walls of the huge cathedral against the clear blue skies would leave you spellbound.

This Baroque-style architecture of the church is not uncommon in this area. However, the fine design and the attention to detail put into the church have been called one of a kind to this building only. The building was started in the 16th century and suffered a disastrous earthquake at the same time that changed the geography of this area. The reconstruction started at the beginning of the 18th century and continued for 36 more years. What you see inside is way more scenic and gorgeous on the inside than the huge design you see outside.

2. Palazzo de Leva

There are 5 churches that you can visit during your trip around Modica. If you want to explore much more Italian history, you need to visit Palazzo de Leva. It has been here since the 17th century. It belonged to the De Levya family that governed the city for decades during that time. It is a significant historical monument on this land. And as you visit it, you will get to know the history lived through it.

Palazzo de Leva is one of the must visit historical sites in Modica. It inspired the great Italian poet Alessandro Manzoni in his creations. Visiting the palace is no less than an experience. The courtyard of the palace preserves the destroyed remains of the Gothic Church of St. Philip.

3. Castello dei Conti

Modica had multiple reigns with all kinds of kings ruling the region from one time to another. The land needs to have a castle to tell the tales of all the wars. The civil wars, the economic wars as well as the wars that completely changed the face of the region from one century to another. The history of the Castle of the mounts is similar. The construction of the same started in the 14th century and took almost 50 years to complete. It was started by the Peralta family and the reign changed to Chiaramonte.

It was once a residence and then a refugee camp for 30 soldiers for months during a war. Throughout the centuries, many stories have been made in the castle and you are going to love listening to them.

4. Pizzo Viewpoint

If you ever get confused about what places to see in Modica, Italy, all you need to do is to visit the Pizzo Viewpoint first and have a glance at the city in one go. From here, you can always decide which direction to go after that. Pizzo viewpoint or Pizzo Belvedere is located near Belvedere Principe di Piemonte and the church San Giovanni. It is considered one of the most scenic locations in the entire Modica. The geographical location of the viewpoint is on a cliff near a mountain top offering some of the most picturesque and Instagram-worthy pictures from here.

If you choose to get here around sunrise or sunset. It is one of the most recommended things to do in Modica. You are going to witness the houses beneath you like small boxes and up in the sky builds a range of orange and lilac with a spirit of sunlit yellow in it. You might want to catch a breath here while you feel the fresh breeze on your face.

5. Santa Maria di Gesu

Built in a quaint location in Modica, the Santa Maria di Gesu church is a Roman Catholic Parish church. It is worth visiting because of its reconstruction after the earthquake, which has added a different beauty to this ancient building. The church was built at the beginning of the 16th century through the efforts of the then-Roman Catholic father.

After the earthquake in 1693, the church got a new bell tower along with a new ceiling. The colorful maiolica tiles on the ceiling will leave you spellbound. The interiors are decorated with saints from that time designed by a then-famous architect. The frescoes of the saints would remind you of the roman catholic times.

6. Museo Casa natale Salvatore Quasimodo

Salvatore Quasimodo was an Italian poet and translator. His work has been remarkable in literature. If you are among the people who are interested in writing and seeing how he spent his life, you need to visit his home which has now been converted into a museum. Museo Casa natale Salavatore Quasimodo was his home. He was born on August 20th 1901. He won a Nobel prize for his contribution to literature.

The museum represents a memory place for the writer’s work. You will find his work desk, his belongings, manuscripts, diaries etc. that have been preserved in the house. You can witness his greatness and his perspective with your eyes and it would be a wonderful experience.

7. Church Of The Carmel

Church Of The Carmel - Things To Do In Modica
Church Of The Carmel – Things To Do In Modica

The church of the Carmel, also known as Chiesa del Carmine is a Roman Catholic Church. It is one of the most significant places to visit in Modica. The giant white walls of the church define its grandeur. The arched roofs, long galleries as well as colorful frescoes on the ceilings, along with the pattern on the walls and pillars will leave you spellbound. The church is the Italian beauty at its best. It was established in 1390. Due to its location at the top along with a slight shining of luck, the building of the church also survived the earthquakes in this region.

The beauty lies in the original bell tower of the church as well as the Rose built at the top of the ceiling. The church also has a marble sculpture which adds to the Romanesque charm of the church.

8. Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

You can count on your fingers the number of places in the world that can make chocolates that don’t only tingle your mouth but also give you the right amount of bitterness and a long-lasting taste. You already know about African cocoa and Swiss chocolates. But since you are in Modica, there is one more place here that will make you feel like a paradise of Chocolates and that is Antica Dolceria Bonajuto.

It is a chocolate factory founded in 1880. It is not only the oldest in Sicily but the entire of Italy. Since the foundation goes centuries back the style of making the chocolates directly from cocoa beans also goes back centuries ago. The founder himself devised some exclusive methods to crush the beans and make frothy chocolates and choco products.

Once you visit the site and taste the product, you will be delighted by the organic tastes that they pride themselves in. The range of chocolate products as well as the taste with different combinations will leave you wondering about the process. It has been a favorite of famous and international clients. This activity is definitely one of the best things to do in Modica for chocolate lovers.

9. Facade Of Palazzo Polara

It is located near the main church and in the center of the city dividing it into perfect half. There are elegant stairs leading to the main building. You can easily understand the time of its construction by seeing its Baroque style of architecture that was quite famous during the 17th century. Though the building served as the prince’s residence centuries ago, now, it has been turned into a modern gallery. The walls are plain from the outside, but you will find a lot of paintings and their collection on the inside.

10. A Walk Along The Corso Umberto

One of the most crowded places or shall we say the liveliest places in the city is Corso Umberto. Here you will find a lot of local shops of various kinds to explore and shop at. You can buy memorabilia or simply click pictures of this aesthetically pleasing street; it would all be worth it. This is the place where you can either get indulged in the culture or soul of the city or simply enjoy the gorgeousness spread around you.

11. An Evening At Teatro Garibaldi

When you are in Modica, you need to have some Italian entertainment yourself. And for that, you have Teatro Garibaldi. This theatre is not as grand as theatres in Milan but it certainly makes up for a cosy environment to enjoy the show. The seats are limited but the stories that are told and the performances of the actors are simply stellar. You can treat yourself to a show or it would make for a perfect date night.

12. Dinner At Accursio

Accursio is a high-end restaurant in Modica. It has the trust of everyone in the city and has pleased countless travelers from around the world who have visited the city. The menu, the delicacies and the drinks are large in number here. So, no matter what your preference is, you are going to find something that suits your taste. And the taste of these dishes will remind you, every time you will think of Modica.

General Information On Modica, Sicily

How To Get To Modica

The closest airport is the Comiso airport at 45 kms from Modica. The airport has flights from major cities like Rome, Pisa, Milan and Brussels. Modica is also an easy road trip destination from nearby cities such as Catania, Taormina and Syracuse. You can easily find a rental car here.

Alternatively, you can reach Modica by train from Ragusa, Syracuse, Catania, Noto, Agrigento, Pozzallo, Comiso, Palermo and Taormina. Check the train schedule and timings for Modica here.

Where To Stay In Modica

Below are our highly recommended accommodations in Modica;

Budget (Upto 55) : Casa Madonna delle Grazie is a steal deal in Modica if you are looking for budget friendly accommodation. The property is centrally located and offer a spacious apartment with a private kitchen, balcony and all modern amenities. Other convenient facilities include airport shuttle, free Wifi, free parking and a sun terrace with lovely views of the city.

Click here to book your stay at the Casa Madonna delle Grazie.

Mid- Range (55 – 100) : Le Magnolie Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel in Modica. It is perfect if you want to stay in a nice place without breaking the bank. It is located in Modica’s historic centre near Castello dei Conti, Baroque Cathedral of Modica and San Pietro Cathedral. The rooms are beautiful, having frescoed ceilings and elegant furnishings. The terrace of the hotel has a lovely seating area with spectacular views of the city. Other facilities provided by the hotel include tour assistance, shuttle services and spa sessions.

Click here to see the latest prices and availability at Le Magnolie Hotel.

Luxury (100+) : Modica Boutique Hotel is a great choice if you are looking to treat yourself. It is a four star property having a wellness center, gym, an outdoor pool, child friendly services, private beach area, an onsite restaurant, themed dinner nights and a bar. The rooms are elegantly decorated, cozy, comfortable and very well equipped with modern amenities.

Don’t miss out, book your stay at Modica Boutique Hotel here!

These are the most unmissable things to do in Modica, Sicily. Whether you are a fan of Italian landscapes, architecture, varied cuisine or intricate artwork, you will find there’s something for you in this city.

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