10 Most Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

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Looking for the most romantic getaways in Tennessee? Here’s our list of the best romantic getaways in Tennessee for couples.

Tennessee has everything artistic that one can hope for on a vacation. One shouldn’t forget about the romantic gems that this state has hidden in it. So, if you are planning a romantic getaway in Tennessee, these places would delight your partner. Not only as an escape from the current life but to make a new world and create more unforgettable memories to keep them close to your heart.

Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

1. Eagles Ridge Resort, Pigeon Forge

Eagles Ridge Resort - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
Eagles Ridge Resort – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

One of the most important things that couples seek while on vacation is some privacy and Eagles Ridge Resort cabins would provide you with just that. It has a bundle of log cabins equipped with all the facilities, so you can rest with your partner and enjoy some private quality time together.

Each cabin comes with a hot tub, a whirlpool tub, a fireplace and a full-fledged kitchen. So, all you need to have is a lot of time for yourself to spend with each other. There is a wooden deck outside where you can meet and greet other guests if you want.

For some adventures, you can go hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, white water rafting and tubing. You just need to book your dates for that much-needed vacation with your partner. This place is going to send you back with a lot of memories.

2. The Read House Historic Hotel, Chattanooga

Read House Historic Hotel - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
Read House Historic Hotel – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

What else could define majestic, Royal and historic at one glance other than The Read House Historic Hotel? A place that has served some notable guests like Winston Churchill and Oprah Winfrey. The hotel first opened around 1872 and has been serving magnificently since then. So, if you are planning to visit this charming hotel, you are going to be a part of a legacy of 150 years. And history is not even the best part of it. The luxury and the opulence along with the hospitality that it has been serving for years now is an experience in itself.

If you are visiting the hotel during summer, you need to attend the Riverbend Festival and Chattanooga Beast feast BBQ. Show your craft or enjoy the range of tastes displayed on the menu.

3. The Inn On The River, Pigeon Forge

The Inn On The River - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
The Inn On The River – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

A place with homely getaway rooms having a balcony that opens up to the sight of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up with your partner amidst such magical surroundings? And that is not even the best thing that The Inn On The River offers. This place can be defined as the perfect amalgamation of casual with cozy. The coffee machines placed in your room, and the baths with granite countertops, gas fireplaces and whirlpool tubs would give you that perfect feel of being on a luxurious vacation.

With an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, the delicious breakfast menu and drinks are going to offer you the best of the best experience. For fun times, outside there is a patio where you can roast your own Barbeque, and make it the way you and your partner prefer.

4. Music City Loft

Nashville in Tennessee is the city of music and hence it has Music City Loft vacation rentals. You would be able to find a humble and cozy abode as an escape from the daily hustle where you can spend some quality time with your beloved. Each of its accommodations has a cozy vibe that is no less than a couples retreat.

Another factor that can play a significant role in making you choose your favorite bedroom is that every single one of their lofts is dedicated to different singers. So, if you love country music, you can go to a Taylor Swift loft or for your other tastes there is Parton cabin for Dolly Parton, Nelson Cabin for Willie Nelson etc. The service at the rooms is marvelous but if you want to step out for a walk hand in hand, there are amazing places available in the neighborhood where you can visit and explore.

5. The Blackberry Farm, Walland

The Blackberry Farm is an amazing way of exploring nature and forgetting your regular everyday life. It is the best escape that you can plan with your partner. The experience at the farm is a different world in itself. And you can participate in a variety of activities while being there. There are pottery classes available and blackberry puzzles that you are going to enjoy with your partner. Apart from that, you can indulge in a lot of adventurous activities.

Horse Riding, Kayaking, Fishing, Mountain Climbing and Cycling are other fun activities that you can participate in. You can indulge in fresh food and spend a surplus amount of quality time with your beloved here. And don’t forget to have a lot of fun and explore all the things available here.

6. Rogersville

When your beloved partner wants to simply stay away from the noise of the big city, one of the romantic getaways in Tennessee that you can have on your mind is Rogersville. A small town in the heart of Tennessee, with historical significance to it. Don’t worry about the seasons when you should visit this place, you are going to find something different in each one.

For the history buff in you, you are going to love Tunnel Hill Church, H B Stamps Memorial Library and East Rogersville Baptist Church. For the nature lover in you, you are going to fall in love with Crockett Spring Park, which is not only a park but also an Arboretum. You are going to be spell bound by the color of nature that you will find here during the blooming season.

Do not forget to visit the Local Artists Gallery, and buy something memorable for your partner either at Wendy’s Simple Treasure or Luella’s Gift shop. Peking Chinese Restaurant, El Patron Restaurant, Golden Dairy and many others offer you lip-smacking food and leave you craving more.

Where To Stay In Rogersville : Hale Springs Inn

7. Little Valley Mountain Resort Cabin Rentals

Little Valley Mountain Resort Cabin - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
Little Valley Mountain Resort Cabin – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

Amidst the tall green trees, a cozy wooden built resort with a fireplace and an old aesthetic. A silent brook flows on the side and a new color of nature at every hour. We are defining something straight out of a landscape and that is Little Valley Mountain Resort Cabin. It is very close to Gatlinburg, so if you want to escape the festive hustle-bustle, this would be the best place. They are not just pleasing to the eyes but also make sure that the experience that you get here must be homely and memorable.

The range of rooms here is quite wide so if you are planning to go with other couples, you can live in close vicinity. A fireplace out in the open, a jacuzzi tub and a pool table will entertain you in the evening. Horseback Riding, a golf course, a club house, badminton and basketball courts, tennis court and much more would be available for you here for recreation purposes. And most importantly, these cabins are pet friendly, so if you are a mom and dad to a four-legged family member, you can bring them too.

8. Evins Mill

Evins Mill - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
Evins Mill – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

Evins Mill is heaven near Nashville and what enhances its picturesque beauty is a scenic waterfall, a little water flow and lots of trees and greenery all around the resort. It has everything that you and your partner might expect from a private vacation at a hotel. It is not just couples’ favorite but families and executives also love it. The regular retreats that are organized here are pure proof of the hospitality and services that this place offers to the people visiting here. Don’t be surprised if you witness a wedding or a reception at this scenic place.

The comfortable and luxurious rooms, the wooden look of the place, the private dining facilities and other delicacies that are available here could be some of the reasons that you and your partner are immediately going to fall in love with this place.

9. Union Station Nashville Yards

Union Station Nashville Yards - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
Union Station Nashville Yards – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

The Union Station Nashville Yards is another piece of history converted into a luxury hotel in Nashville. It was once a railroad terminal designed by Richard Montfort turned into a hotel when the city was redesigned and the rail terminal was changed. You can even see the history on the walls of this building. This is another majestic and royal escape for you and your partner that you are going to love. Apart from the professional services that you are going to get in your room. There is also a magnificent bar on the ground floor which is quite famous for its variety and quality of drinks.

The ambience would give you the vibe of a James Bond set. The furniture, the floorings and the chandelier hanging from the glass ceiling are everything and pure magic. Also don’t forget you have the entire Nashville to explore which you are going to love.

10. River Inn of Harbor Town

River Inn of Harbor Town - Romantic Getaways In Tennessee
River Inn of Harbor Town – Romantic Getaways In Tennessee

River Inn of Harbor Town is a hotel which is voted as the number one hotel in the US weekly. This property gives you a feel of European-designed balconies and lit lanterns around twilight. You are going to be mesmerized with sunsets over the Mississippi River. This is the kind of magic that this little inn in Memphis contains. You are going to have a gala time with the range of cuisines offered here and the ambience of the hotel is straight from a Jane Eyre novel. If you want to live in the fictional world, just get on a ride and reach Harbor Town to live your love story.

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