5 Reasons Why You Need To Travel To Thailand

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What makes Thailand a popular holiday destination? Lets check out the reasons to travel to Thailand.

If the sight of the summer sun gets your feet itching then you’ll probably be on the look-out for your next holiday. You need look no further! Thailand is a destination that you need to visit at least once in your life. From gap-year backpackers, to couples and families, there is something for everyone in Thailand. Here are some of the reasons why it is such a popular holiday destination.

Reasons To Travel To Thailand

1. Culture

From Temples to tuk tuks, Thailand is quite simply bursting at the seams with culture. As a Buddhist country, temples form an important part of daily life for Thai people. In fact, there are over 40,000 Buddhist temples in the country. As well as taking in their spiritual importance, holidaymakers also visit Thailand’s Buddhist temples to marvel at their beautiful architecture dating back to different eras and dynasties.

2. People

There is a good reason why Thailand is known as ‘the land of smiles’. The people here are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Spirituality and respect form a big part of Thai culture so you will be hard pressed to find an angry Thai. Chances are, even if you do, they will still be smiling! Thai people greet one another with the ‘Wai’. This bowing of the head with the hands together is often used when saying hello, or ‘sawasdee’ in Thai. It is also used as a general mark of respect when thanking, apologizing, saying goodbye or passing buildings of religious significance.

3. Food

The fragrant aromas of Thai cuisine will have your mouth watering and leave your taste buds tingling. Thai meals often include rice or noodles as a staple component, accompanied by meat, fresh vegetables and an aromatic sauce or curry paste. These simple ingredients mean that Thai food can be cooked quickly and is nearly always fresh! This is great as street food is a big part of Thai culture. Heading to the street food stalls is a fantastic way of experiencing Thai life as a local and it is a fantastic option if you’re travelling on a budget as street food tends to be fairly cheap.

Another advantage of eating street food is that you get to watch it being cooked. Not only is this interesting and helpful for picking up recipe ideas to whip up when you return home, but if you are watching your food be prepared it is much more likely to be done in a hygienic manor! CTI cite this as one of their top tips for any holiday to the country.

4. Beaches

Thailand Beach - Reasons To Travel To Thailand
Photo by Amy Skyer on Unsplash

Thailand boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can expect white sandy stretches lined with palm trees and tranquil turquoise waters. With over 1,500 miles of coastline, Thailand offers areas of peace and seclusion away from the touristy hotspots. Organised island hopping tours takes you to all these exotic beaches and let you indulge in the beauty that the islands of Thailand endeavor.

5. Wildlife

Diving and snorkeling are incredibly popular activities in Thailand. The clear waters off the coast of Thailand are home to an amazing variety of marine life including sharks, sea turtles and stunning coral reefs. Head inland to the jungles and you can find more than 285 mammal species. Tigers, leopards and elephants all reside in Thailand, although larger species are usually found within nature reserves.

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    Thailand looks amazing, we are planning on going early next year so will be reading all you have blogged about Thailand, really interesting


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