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8 Amazing Places To Visit In UAE On Your Next Trip

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Planning a vacation in UAE? Here are some of the most amazing places to visit in UAE.

UAE – the land of mesmerizing Middle Eastern splendours and home to the world’s most innovative cities – is dramatic, dynamic, and utterly beautiful. When considering Middle Eastern vacation ideas, UAE is frequently on the list of preferred holiday destinations, since it offers the perfect combination of adventure, culture, food, and luxury lifestyle. However, it is also projected that Dubai is solely the UAE destination that offers exciting and attractive vacation opportunities. But, look beyond this emirate and it is clearly understood that there are plenty of exciting places which are found outside of this emirate.

UAE’s other emirates, together with Dubai, make for a fascinating experience from many perspectives. Read along to check out the best places to visit in the UAE to plan your next Arabian vacation.

Best Places To Visit In UAE

1. Jebel Jais – Ras Al Khaimah

Jebel Jais - Best Places To Visit In UAE
Jebel Jais – Best Places To Visit In UAE

Check out Jebel Jais if you are looking for an adventure. With the construction of a number of innovative adventure attractions on the highest peak of the UAE, it has swiftly become a popular adventure destination. A part of the Hajar Mountains – Jebel Jais is located in Ras Al Khaimah and there is no doubt that the road drive to Ras Al Khaimah is one of the best scenic road trips to enjoy in the UAE. The sunrises and sunsets are a wonderful sight to behold from this breath-taking destination. One can explore a plethora of outdoor activities such as mountain hikes, Via Ferrata treks, Ice skating, and even enjoy the longest zipline experience in the world.

2. Yas Island – Abu Dhabi

Yas Island - Best Places To Visit In UAE
Yas Island – Best Places To Visit In UAE

As one of the top tourism projects in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is known as a leisure island built exclusively for tourists. In Abu Dhabi, some of the most popular attractions are found on the island, which immediately made the capital city of UAE one of the best places for tourists to visit in the Middle East. At Yas Island, you can spend a fun and adventurous day exploring Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, have some water splashing fun at Yas Water world, get fast and furious at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Marina Circuit, and go on a shopping spree at Yas Mall.

This fantastic Island of Abu Dhabi has grown into a landmark attraction that must be included in your itinerary if you are planning to visit this emirate.

3. Al Ain – Abu Dhabi

Al Ain - Best Places To Visit In UAE
Al Ain – Best Places To Visit In UAE

Al Ain is a verdant and beautiful city in Abu Dhabi, often tagged as the garden city of Abu Dhabi. Located 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over a million date palms and fruit trees adorn the oasis, which was created centuries ago using falaj – an ancient irrigation method. In this vast oasis, you can stroll through historical forts, wildlife zoos, archaeological parks, and vibrant souks while relaxing in natural scenery.

4. Arabian Desert Safari

Desert Safari - Best Places To Visit In UAE
Desert Safari – Best Places To Visit In UAE

If you visit UAE, you have to explore the deserts. It isn’t a complete UAE experience if you miss the Arabian desert experience. UAE has a major chunk of its land sheathed in golden sand dunes which are perfect as a playground for desert adventure sports. If there is one place on earth that lets you ride on the ultimate sand dune roller coaster, it is in UAE with a dune-bashing experience. Other adventure sports in the desert to try out are sand boarding and quad biking which offers the right amount of exhilaration for a fun-filled adventure day.

Further, there are ample ways to enjoy the desert scenery such as wildlife safaris, camel rides or hot air ballooning to name a few. Staying back in the desert after a sundowner moment and later relishing a BBQ traditional dinner is one of the best ways to enjoy nonchalant moments in the Arabian desert. You can also watch falconry shows, get henna tattoos and spend a starry night in the desert amid Arabian folklore, belly dancing, and Tanoura shows.

5. Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise, Dubai Creek - Best Places To Visit In UAE
Dhow Cruise, Dubai Creek – Best Places To Visit In UAE

A landmark attraction that has witnessed Dubai’s transformation and played a crucial part in making it into a modern city, Dubai Creek preserves the modest lifestyle of Dubai’s past. At Dubai Creek, discover the old-world charms of the emirate with silhouettes of modern Dubai towers looming in the backdrop during a Dhow Cruise Dubai tour. Explore the history of Dubai at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, a settlement that has somehow stayed untouched over time and stands in stark contrast to modern-day Dubai. Don’t forget to take some time out to stroll around and shop at marvellous Dubai Souks.

6. Hatta Mountains

Hatta Mountains - Best Places To Visit In UAE
Hatta Mountains – Best Places To Visit In UAE

The UAE is blessed with a vast rolling mountain terrain that borders with Oman. The Hatta Mountains is a part of Hajar Mountains – a small exclave with a quaint town at the foothills of majestic mountains. This region of UAE is popular for its stunning natural beauty of rugged cliffs and shallow pools of water. An excursion to Hatta Mountain is a great way to enjoy outdoor adventure activities such as kayaking, mountain treks, biking tours, and much more. Being at a short distance from Dubai, Hatta Mountains has always been a favourite among tourists and locals as a retreat to escape the city vibes and enjoy some time in nature.

7. Khor Fakkan – Sharjah

Khor Fakkan - Best Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi
Khor Fakkan – Best Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

Not many get the idea that the UAE is surrounded by the Persian Gulf on the West and the Gulf of Oman on the east. It is flanked by warm gulf waters, and hence most emirates have sweeping beach coastlines. Sharjah has to its name Khor Fakkan – a small exclave on the shores of the Gulf of Oman which is extremely popular for its beaches and clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life. Khor Fakkan is one of the places in the UAE where you can explore the underwater realm on scuba diving and snorkelling experiences.

8. Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Palm Jumeirah - Best Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi
Palm Jumeirah – Best Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

Dubai’s Palm Island needs a special mention. Taking its creativity to deliver impossible feats, Palm Islands in Dubai marks the moment when Dubai became the ultimate pioneer in modern engineering. A cluster of man-made islands adorn Dubai’s gulf waters and the Palm Jumeirah which gets its name from its palm-tree like shape has succeeded in becoming a popular leisure destination of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah offers a myriad of experiences at one destination.

The island is home to a prestigious sprawling luxury resort, the biggest and best waterpark in Dubai, the world’s biggest fountain and a fantastic aquarium. Anyone visiting Palm Jumeirah has a world of extraordinary experience waiting for you. Right from a gorgeous Dubai skyline views, leisure stays at world-class hotels, dining at some of the finest restaurants of Dubai to gearing up for extreme adventures live Skydiving, jet skiing, and parasailing, Palm Jumeirah is a must-visit to get a comprehensive leisure and recreational experience in Dubai.

Nature, culture, and adventure are in abundance in the UAE, and it is perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, or fun trips with friends. While most people typically associate the Middle East with luxury holiday destinations, it has a variety of budget-friendly activities as well as something to suit every type of traveller. Those who delve deeper into its emirates will be enchanted by the enticing nature, interesting history, and exciting attractions of the UAE.

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