KURU CHICANE Trail Hiking Shoe Review

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Hiking could be the joy of life for people who intend to explore nature at its best. Feeling the fresh air, treading through the meadows and sometimes climbing the steep hills just for the thrills. You could be like Bilbo Baggins dreaming about the new adventures that can take you outdoors and make you discover some of the unknown secrets that lie in the regions that you want to explore.

But Alas! What about your feet? You need to take care of them too. A supportive pair of shoes can make and break the experience. Either you can walk, run, climb or hop without any restriction. Or you can simply keep thinking about the pain that those sturdy footwears keep giving you.

Hiking with a bad pair of shoes could be a complete nightmare and one bad experience can scare you so much to not even think about going on your next hiking expedition. You wouldn’t want to leave the best part of your life because of something so small. But feet matter as well. The question remains the same: how to get the best of both worlds? Of course, we can never go hiking with office shoes but we can never go hiking with sports shoes either. The firm grip of the sports shoes and the attribute of keeping them tight can leave the feet numb.

Personally, I have struggled with plantar fasciitis many times while going for long walks and on hiking expeditions. Coming across KURU CHICANE Trail Hiking Shoes have been a blessing since the last couple of months. I have been regularly wearing it for my outdoor explorations and long walks. While they look great, they feel very comfortable on the feet too.

Kuru Chicane Trail Hiking Shoe Review

At first, I doubted whether they would be able to send the correct size of the shoes through their online delivery. But placing an order was a piece of cake for me and the size of 10 (UK) shoes was right for me. The choices among the colors were varied but I wanted black which is suitable for me.

The time you wear it, you will notice how the innersole molds to your feet with comforting heel support and appropriate cushioning arch support. They feel very soft on the feet and have a spacious toe box area. Also the breathable liners will keep your feet sweat free. The design of the shoes holds the foot while the flexibility and bounce provide enough room to move with every single step that I take. Going through the Texas state parks and Bisbee hiking routes was a nightmare of the pain in my feet but it is no more the same now with KURU shoes.

The material used inside the shoes offers me enough space to move my foot in the comforting room and just enough space to let me walk without holding me behind. Sweat in my foot was another problem that I was facing during my long hiking routes. Less cushioning support and slippery soles of my previous shoes made the routes seem difficult to me. You can learn more about their patented KURUSole technology on their website.

Kuru Chicane Trail Hiking Shoe Review

The movement in my toes and feet has increased with the kind of support that these shoes offer. Especially on the trails when there are rough pebbles and curvaceous cliffs to explore. KURU CHICANE Trails Hiking shoes offer me a nice grip and give me enough space to move my toes with a broader front. The best part is that it doesn’t compromise on the style while providing comfort simultaneously.

With such comfort inside, the roughness of the shoes outside doesn’t change.  As I move my feet for further grip and hold, the flexible rubber of the sole of the shoes makes the grip stronger without damaging the structure of the shoes. The scale of the shoes is perfect and has been extremely durable for my hiking trips.  KURU shoes are a product that I have found that is rare, offering comfort on the inside and a rough grip on the outside.

KURU CHICANE Trail Hiking shoes are stellar for hiking through uneven or rocky terrains. These shoes have certainly decreased my pain in the feet during the hike, and has saved me from any orthopedic visit after every hiking trip that I go. So yes, it is definitely worth buying. I would recommend it to everyone who loves to go on multiple hikes or even planning to go on long walks while being on vacation. 

And there you go – you have our full review on the KURU CHICANE Trail Hiking shoes. If you have any other questions regarding the shoes, we would be happy to help. Just, let us know in the comments below.


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