Post Pandemic Abu Dhabi : 8 Top Places To Visit

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Are you planning to travel to UAE and afraid of making reservations, as you don’t know where to travel in this post-pandemic duration? Here is your guide. Though the post-pandemic duration is almost here, states do observe the safety precautions. You can plan to travel to Abu Dhabi using an Air Arabia flight to reach your destination. We have compiled the list of places where you can travel safely in the post pandemic duration.

post pandemic abu dhabi

Post Pandemic Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi’s monument and by far the most popular tourist attraction in the city, a white marble-clad, magnificent and utterly enormous mosque. The mosque combines the design features of Mamluk, Ottoman and Fatimid to produce a harmonious, completely contemporary mosque celebrating Islamic architecture. Artisans have made outstanding use of glasswork, mosaic tiling and elaborate carvings, both inside and outside.

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

The most stunning Middle East museum in the world, Louver Abu Dhabi chronicles the history of humanity from the Neolithic to the present day. From the Ancient Statuary of Egypt to iconic Picasso paintings, the abundance and range of the art on show are striking; while the modern architecture of the museum with its galleries underneath a large silver cathedral is an incentive to come in itself. As well as the permanent collection that spans across twelve galleries, every year there are many important temporary exhibits.

Here is a guided tour that takes you to Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Louvre inclusive of hotel transfers and tickets.

3. Eastern Mangrove

For every level of experience and age, we offer a number of kayaking tours ranging from 1,5 to three hours. The Eco Tour allows you to learn about the important mangrove ecology and the beautiful remains of the town’s forests. Another fascinating thing is to sign up for night excursions and glide into the water at night to explore the mangroves.

4. Saadiyat Island

The island of Saadiyat is one of the most popular sun-seekers of Abu Dhabi. This beach is a lengthy stream of white sand on the western side of the island with a modest beach entrance charge. A border of protected dunes nests with hawksbill tortoises supports the seashore. The beach is accessed by an elevated wooden path to ensure that this area is not damaged.

5. Yas Island

For a whole day at the beach, Yas Beach is popular. Day tickets allow beach guests to visit the many places where both families want to spend an easy beach day and groups of friends who want a lively beach experience. There are on-site cafes, coffee houses, restaurants and restaurant kiosks, with a wide choice of cuisines; a wide swimming pool with huts, lots of beach chairs and sand shading; and additional lounges off the sand. A selection of equipment for active tourists, including kayaks, is available at Yas Beach water sports offices and lifeguard offices throughout the day.

6. Warner Bros World

Warner Bros World is the latest addition to Yas Island’s theme park and dedicates it to its heroic, cinematic, and comic books and villains. This is one of the greatest locations to visit families with six “lands” caught under one roof (this whole theme park is indoors and conditioned). Rides to tots for adolescents are appropriate. The Bedrock and Cartoon Junctions are specially designed for children and some of the highlights in Gotham City and Metropolis, which mix 4D-interactive contents with the spells of the roller-coaster style.

7. Yas Marina Circuit

The Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, hosted at Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island, is the main event for Abu Dhabi, held every November. You cannot still enjoy Formula One glamour all year round if you are not in town for the race. For F1 enthusiasts who wish to watch the path and take an after-scene look at the racetrack, there are frequent guided excursions, including pit visits, grandstand and podium visits. However, for speed lovers, Yas Marina Circuit offers you the possibility to arrange a variety of driving experiences on the Formula One circuit itself (as either the driver or passenger in different kinds of racing vehicles).

8. Desert Dunes

A desert safari from Abu Dhabi to the southern Emirates of Abu Dhabi to either the beautiful Oasis, located directly on the banks of the Empty Quarter or the desert of Al-Khatim near Al-Ain. This is one of the most common day trips and overnight visitors. The Empty Quarter desert has the world’s largest sand dunes and the dunes are a great playground for everyone, who wants to do sandboarding, go camel hikes, or just soak in the huge star-stretched desert sky in the desert camps after dark. Most of the journeys involve pauses to visit a camel farm and a taste of authentic desert life and going to the dunes.

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