How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Lockdown

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Confined to our homes, receiving daily reminders to stay indoors, hearing and discussing updates on the pandemic is the current situation of our lives. We are living in difficult times. There is a bit of fear in all of us. The inability to be mobile, do things that make us happy, staying away from family and friends is something we could never be prepared for. It has become very important to look after our mental health during lockdown.

We might have the ability to manage daily stresses and anxieties but with time, isolation and restrictions have made it really tough to maintain our mental health. Being aware that these measures are a need of the hour for our own well being, we should be looking after our mental health everyday. Here are a few things that you can certainly do in this current situation to take care of your mental health during lockdown;

stay home

Be Easy On Yourself

Stay away from any kind of FOMO (aka Fear Of Missing Out). You might be missing going out, lacking motivation to do anything or would not be feeling productive. This is totally normal. Sit back, relax, watch Netflix, enjoy a good snack and coffee. Slow down, practice self care and be kind to yourself.

You may also try meditating to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t scare or rush yourself into anything that may put you off. This is the time you can know yourself better.

Get Organized

Organize your wardrobes, kitchen, rooms, cabinets, garden area and all the other spaces in your home. If there are things you have been putting off, this is a good time to finish them up. You can also revamp your spaces by moving furnitures and adding in some creative DIY stuffs.

You can also sort some good memorable photos and create collages to hang or pin on the walls. How about creating a scrapbook and rejoicing on some happy moments?

Practice A Hobby Or Learn Something New

Bring on your hobbies, be it cooking, painting, drawing, dancing, writing, knitting, playing a musical instrument or anything else. Making time for practicing hobbies very effectively beats up stress and anxiety. This in turn will improve your mental well-being.

You can also take up courses online and learn something new. Enhance your skills by learning new languages, tools, DIYs, recipes, gardening techniques, photography and anything you would like to work on. Internet is a great and easily available source of information for everything.

Indulge Into A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle makes a healthy soul. Eat healthy, sleep well, drink lots of water, go for naps, do some easy exercises, meditate and take deep breaths for couple of minutes daily. Practice self care, do stuff that makes you happy, have some hearty laughs and follow a well suited routine.

Indulge yourself into a healthy lifestyle and you would be getting back to work with a lot more enthusiasm and affirmation once the lockdown is lifted.

Connect With Your Loved Ones

Social distancing might be keeping you away from your dear ones, but technology has made it really easy to connect with anyone anytime anywhere. Use zoom calls, facetime or any other convenient mobile application to do so. Chat with your loved ones (from family or friends), play online games or arrange dine ins over video calls.

It’s a good time to mingle with anyone you would want to, have hearty conversations and discuss some possible plans you could be looking forward to after the lockdown period.

video call

Limit Your Time On Social Media

Social media can be intimidating sometimes. With updates from people regarding the pandemic, their workout routines, wealthy sharing their luxury lifestyles and some sharing their business ideas. You need to take some time off from all of them. You need to figure out things for yourself and not get carried away by social media.

Unsurprisingly, there have been waves of rumors and social media forwards that have been causing anxiety during the lockdown period. Claims of cure and superstitions have made their way to various households. These things have only added negative impact to mental well-being of people. You should definitely stay well informed through reliable news channels only and ignore others.

Try Following A Routine

Having a good routine will keep you motivated and productive all day long. Some days you won’t feel like following a routine but try to keep up with it on most of your days. Keeping yourself motivated and productive is also a necessity to maintain your mental health during lockdown.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep or having overslept, both disturbs our mental and physical well being. It’s necessary to have a proper bedtime routine in order to attain sufficient sleep. Sleeping well also improves our immune system and emotional well being. Take time to wake up. You do not have to rush for work unless you are bounded to anything.

Make essential sleep time a part of your routine. This would enable you to take part in your daily activities with a good amount of energy and freshness.

Create A Gratitude Journal

Make time for writing three things you are grateful for each day. It’s time when you should take out few minutes to realize that you won’t take things for granted. Express gratitude for what you have.

Reading your gratitude journal on days when you are feeling low would help you regain some positive conscience. This would also help you realize what makes you happy, what is necessary and what you really need in life.

Spend Time Outside

Step into your garden area, backyard, terrace or balcony to breathe in some fresh air. If you want to, you can meditate, exercise or take a peaceful walk. You may bring in some snacks or have a little picnic in your own safe space at home. This would fuel some positivity and freshness to your mental health during lockdown.

These days leaving home gets you into a state of anxiety and insecurity. Don’t leave until it’s extremely necessary.

These measures would definitely help you get through these difficult times. We would love to know how have you been looking after your mental health during lockdown. Do share it with us in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Lockdown

  • May 12, 2020 at 2:56 am

    i’ve been trying to put my energy into eating healthy and exercising. These were really good tips!

  • May 13, 2020 at 2:10 am

    This is fantastic, it’s very important to take it seriously, it’s a hard time for everyone and this is really helpful.
    I’m trying to do exercise outside and talk to my friends every single day.


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